Great News, Really: Mind-Controlled Humanoid Robot

November 15, 2012


Now punch the man in black and bring me his wallet.

This is a video from the CNRS-AIST (no clue and I'm too angry to look it up) Joint Robotics Laboratory featuring a humanoid robot that's controlled via brain computer interface. Basically the guy wearing the silly hat (I know -- he looks like a girl from behind) focuses his thoughts on an on-screen direction arrow to make the robot move in that direction. Also, several times in the video the guy in black stands creepily close to the robot from behind. Almost like he's trying to rub his body on it. You might want to keep an eye on that guy. Maybe revoke his scholarship before he gets the thing pregnant.

Hit the jump for a video demo plus some talking.

Thanks to ASNAP and Michael9, who agree scientists should stop working on mind-controlled robots and start working on how to mind control people. Mwaha, mwahaha, MWAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm going to need a secret lair.

  • This is a crazy idea. Did they not see 'Saturn 3'?

  • PuraPuma

    What is the guy holding that's walking behid the root? It seems like he isthere in case the robot decides to beakut and take over control for itsef! #donttellthemthdepartment

  • I think the robot was the only one with a personality in that room. Such a boring video given they are talking about mind controlled robots!

  • This would be great for future mind-control drone tech. :D

  • tayatayat

    what a boring video.... even if it is about mind controlled spacerobots

  • Ry Keener

    Is it just me, or does the robot have a bit of a Cylon feel to it?

  • I thought the same exact thing!!

  • It's the HRP2 robot, the japanese company making them even got Shoji Kawamori to design the following one (HRP3).

    And btw, CNRS and AIST are respectively french and japanese research institues.

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