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COUNT ME IN: The Whisky Sampler Advent Calendar


This is the $240 Whisky Advent Calendar. Behind each of the 24 doors is a little 1-ounce bottle of different whisky. Personally, I think it's the perfect way to count down the days till Jesus's birthday. After all, if the good lord didn't want us boozing, why did he turn all that water into whisky? "It was wine, not whisky." Please, I'm the one telling the story here. THEN HE WALKED ON LAVA. This calendar would last me three days, tops.

Thanks to chichi, who wants one made with vodka because it's not as noticeable on your breath when you're at work. Look out -- we've got a genius in our midst!

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  • tayatayat

    I thought this was great until I did the MATH... $10 for each "shot"? even though each shot is 1/3 less than a full standard 1.5 oz shot... ummm.... NO

  • tayatayat

    in other words, that's a little over $13 dollars a shot. I'd rather go to a club with hot hot hoes and overpriced drinks than spend that kind of money so I can drink alone.

  • bill nye

    I would rather spend ~60$ and buy an entire bottle of whiskey (around 25oz) than spend 240$ on 24oz.

  • JR

    Reading comprehension ftw. Each 1oz bottle is actually only .33 oz.

  • Geekologie

    i thought 3cl = 1oz. What did I miss?

  • tayatayat

    you're right, JR is wrong in his(/her) first comment

  • JR

    Spot on as usual, Smitactular pointed out my mistake. The link you provided was incorrect in stating the bottles were .33 oz, the click through to the product page lists 3cl which is 1oz.

  • Smitactular

    GW's right, the seller says they're 3cl which is about 1 fl oz. The intermediate sources are mistaken.

  • JR


  • That's a pretty sweet idea. A great gift idea for the adult members of the family.


  • h2opolopunk

    Want. So badly...

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