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1991 News Report About The Dangers Of Video Games


This is a 1991 news report on the dangers of video gaming. Or at least that's how it starts. By 40-seconds it's already meandered into some weird advertisement for Super Nintendo. Then some joke of a reporter green-screens himself into a game of F-Zero and drives the track backwards the whole time. It ends with some lady explaining how she's not buying a Super Nintendo for her son because "people market things to make you spend more money." Basically none of it made any sense. It was like watching a Geekologie article.

Hit the jump for ol' skunk-hair here.

Thanks to Bruce, who especially liked the part at the beginning where the therapist is teaching kids to get angry at the game manufacturer, not their parents.

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  • jcare

    Changing name to Ken Shocknick in 5...4...3..

  • PuraPuma

    "We've come a long way since Pac-Man". Really? lol. I love this report. Nintendo... I was blessed to have Intellivision back, BACK in the day.

  • Ryan Delvecchio

    Fuckin' hate that ladies hair.

  • CerebralZombie

    Love seeing the guy as if he was the racecar/ship thang'. xD

  • Conrado Parra

    fuckers spoiled the ending of Super Mario World!

  • Andrew St. Andrew

    Ahh, the news. Forever biased.

  • yeah, umm.. I think that was a free-advert for Nintendo disguised as a warning.

  • spectre99

    we have come a long way since pacman ... yeah an entire generation that cant make thier own dinner but feels its ok to steal it from someone else. a bunch of numb nut derps that think being a gamer is some kind of accomplishment lolz. great job kids, you are socially retarded. learn to fish douchebags, do something for someone else. let the hate begin

  • M Nichols

    No hate needed, there was more then enough in your post for everyone else.

  • I stopped taking it seriously when I saw a kid at 0:30 use an NES controller to play stock footage of Super Mario World.

    Also; Nintenpendant.

  • Bubbubsky

    Best part: NOVA scienceNOW had a segment last night that showed how video games are actually unlocking the keys to potentially curing cancer.

  • Hayley Prychun Rodgers

    I saw that!

  • Still waiting for the news report on the dangers of curling tongs & hair driers.

  • Seeing these retro video games reminds me of the happier times of my child-hood. My folks were just happy to find something to keep us occupied and quiet.

  • It puts the cartridge on the NES or else it gets the hose.

  • coute21

    I can't believe people still looked like that the year I was born...makes me feel really old.

  • That this came out the year that you were born and makes you feel old makes me feel ancient.

  • magneto1138

    I'm gonna stomp your face like it's a goomba.

  • Kirk

    APRIL O'NEIL?!?!

  • Cr1mson3lbow

    that woman at 1:28 just ruined her sons childhood forever....

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