Steve Job's Superyacht Gets Christened 'Venus', Sets Sail

October 29, 2012


This is 'Venus', the aluminum superyacht designed by Steve Jobs over the last few years of his life. It's super, and it's a yacht. Construction was just recently finished, and the boat was christened 'Venus' during a ceremony with Jobs' family present. Admittedly, it does kind of look like the kind of boat Apple would make. The specs, Google translated from Dutch and NOT jibberish like I first though:

Employees who have worked on the ship OMT told that the ship between 70 and 80 meters long. The exterior is entirely made of aluminum so the ship is much lighter than other yachts. A unique feature is the large sun terrace (with Jacuzzi) on the foredeck and the continuous windows in the bow. Behind the portholes are the quarters of the crew. At the stern hatches which are smaller (speed) boat back down to the country to achieve when a port is too small for the ship. The control of the hunting is done from seven 27-inch iMacs in the wheelhouse.

You did good, Steve. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to call that the base of my nefarious world-conquering operations. Right now I'm operating out of a tree fort. It's not bad, but it's a little far from the house to hear my mom when she's calling me for dinner. Last week I missed spaghetti night :(

Hit the jump for some more shots, including the seven iMac wheelhouse, and a video.







Thanks to Dean, who just finished construction of his not-so-superyacht. Dean? That's a dinghy.

  • Fau

    Hope it doesnt use Apple Maps.

  • Jadis

    how many people could the money spent on that feed/house? Hum? Yes, this is totally not a selfish waste of resources. * sarcasm*

  • $18922249

    I miss Steve Jobs. I didn't even like the guy... But the world was better for having him.

  • It certainly is very square looking.

  • Perfect...for a douche.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy


  • Reverend

    Any idea what is the music in the video?

  • Ryan Graham

    hopefully theres no "syncing in progress" while out on sea

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    I was thinking more on the lines of I hope that it doesn't use iOS Maps for navigation.

  • Marcus Como

    Yahoo posted about this and said the yacht "looks like an iPhone." Fucking retards.

  • Sergeant_Poop

    Not to be a dick, but it should be "Steve Jobs' Superyacht". His name isn't Steve Job.

  • Leonidas Argidisouvlaki

    It should be "Jobs's", dick.

  • Melissa

    No. Names that end with an S do not get 'S... simply '

  • Sergeant_Poop

    It can actually be either one. I was simply correcting it so it would be closest to what he typed, dick.

  • Leonidas Argidisouvlaki

    I was going to set both of you dicks straight with a link to Oxford's website, but then I remembered that you're both probably using a dumbed-down dialect called "US English", so why bother? Sergeant Poop is correct (as long as he's in the US of A), but Melissa is not - not here, there, or anywhere.

  • http://oxforddictionaries.c...

    Personal names that end in –s

    With personal names that end in -s: add an apostrophe plus s when you would naturally pronounce an extra s if you said the word out loud:

    "He joined Charles’s army in 1642."
    "Dickens's novels provide a wonderful insight into Victorian England."
    "Thomas's brother was injured in the accident."

    Note that there are some exceptions to this rule, especially in names of places or organizations, for example:

    "St Thomas’ Hospital"

    If you aren't sure about how to spell a name, look it up in an official place such as the organization’s website.

    With personal names that end in -s but are not spoken with an extra s: just add an apostrophe after the -s:

    "The court dismissed Bridges' appeal."
    "Connors' finest performance was in 1991."

  • Leonidas Argidisouvlaki

    Uh, yeah? So why wouldn't you pronounce the extra "s" at the end of "Jobs"? Miss the point much?

  • Well...
    A) I was just trying to be helpful.
    B) "Jobs's" is unwieldy and messy looking.
    C) The extra "s" in question is the " 's ".
    D) So I didn't miss the point.
    E) Screw you.

  • Melissa

    @atheistgirl:disqus Thank you. You have done an exceptional community service today.

  • Atom Kahn

    Its damn ugly and has no style whatsoever as far as yachts go. And WTF is with no chairs on the bridge...does the crew have to stand the whole time, like the 10 year old chinese kids who make the apple products?

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