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It Must Be Mine: Mass Effect N7 Ambassador Watch


This is the $500 Mass Effect N7 Ambassador Watch available for pre-order from the BioWare Store and manufactured by independently owned and operated Meister Watches, based right here out of Los Angeles. Maybe I'll pay them a visit...with a ski mask on! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm joking, I'm terrified of being shot. Depositing $150 now secures one in the limited edition of 500, and you have to pay the rest before they ship mid-December. Now listen: I want somebody to get me one for Christmas. I'm dead serious -- one of you better come through on this. I'd ask Santa but he already wrote me mid-January saying not to expect anything this year.

Hit the jump for a shot of the side and back.



Thanks to Alexandra, who works for the BioWare Store or something and can hopefully still work some magic after you all disappoint me.

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  • Jamin

    I wonder how much of that $475 goes to EA and how much of it actually goes to the watchmaker.

    Even if one penny went to EA, I wouldn't buy that watch, and I even have the money to buy one.

    Quite frankly, anyone who buys this watch is just a pretentious tool, especially if they have to bend over backwards to afford it. At most, I can understand someone buying it as an addition to a collection of watches or video game-related merchandise.

  • holy shit gimme dis

  • Jadis

    women's version??

  • Rob in Katy

    well, it looks massive anyway...maybe it has its own gravity pool.

  • PunkJr

    LOVE. I really want one of these.

  • prefer a much smaller, more delicate looking watch.
    And one that costs less then £20.

  • ZomBBombeR

    Shit I don't even play mass effect but this watch is a helluva lot better and nicer looking for $500 than the $15,000 DeLorean one. sold!

  • FAKE!!!!

    This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

    This is exactly like that scene from the movie Never Back Down where Max and Baja were hiding under a box in the Del Taco parking lot eating bacon flavored ice cream, while Rush Limbaugh was driving around on a moped looking for them.

  • Ms Domino

    We actually had it shot by a professional jewelry photographer. It's real. I have photos of it on my wrist.

  • rossdanderson

    Wow, this is still going on..? I've officially pinpointed the saddest person on the planet.

  • ZomBBombeR there a reason...

  • justaweso

    GW I thought you lived in MoCo??

  • Trevor Troake

    PM me your address and its yours :) but you'll owe me a favor and you wont know what that favor is until i call upon you to fulfill it. but it will be within reason haha

  • Alex D

    omg I want it.

  • RayleighJean

    nothing about the design says "mass effect" except the stickers. weak.

  • Alex D

    Hmm. Well, there's the font, the background texture, and the colors. Not really sure what you'd want on it without making it a blatant video game watch. I think this looks classy without pointing out to everyone that you're a big ol' nerd.

  • Exactly this^^. For $500 I'll take a subdued tip of the hat to something I enjoy instead of some Honda Civic with a "HONDA" decal that takes up half of the windshield. Subtlety is a good thing.

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