Han Solo Swimsuit And R2-D2 Minidress Now Available

October 8, 2012


Australian clothing company Black Milk is back at it, this time with an R2-D2 minidress (previously available as a swimsuit) and a Han Solo one-piece. My goodness, is there anything sexier than-- "bikini models?" No, I was going to say Han Solo holding a blaster pistol. TRUTH BOMB: I've dreamed I was Chewbacca before just so I could be close enough to smell Han. "What did he smell like?" Unwashed fur. "That was probably you." I realize that now.

Hit the jump for more shots including closeups.







Thanks to roshan and Wall, who agree that, for two out of four posts being Star Wars related today, I've failed myself. Oh I know.


    where can i buy this???

  • Tyler AitchKay

    I love this blackmilk model

  • GWs Arch Nemesis

    not bad, still fapable

  • CerebralZombie

    That's hawt~

  • Kittie Peters

    Anyone else think she had pit hair due to color/angling at a glance?

  • Han's sporting a pretty nice camel toe in that first pic.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    first thing I spotted. makes Han look like he has quite the hog leg. win win

  • p_shep

    She has a very odd look.

    Would still bang though.

  • Patrick Caldwell

    Can I be Han?

  • ShandoCalrisian


  • GreyGanado

    Very nice, yes.

  • lordpikachu

    her hair makes her look 20 years older

  • InkyBloc

    What is with those terrible boots every single time?

  • Buttflipper

    i think, until you've had a chick rub them on your ballsack, you shouldn't complain.

  • wallee

    i kinda like them (^-^)

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