Game Of Thrones Gets OFFICIAL Book Of Maps

October 25, 2012


Because trying to imagine things in your mind is hard and nobody reading a book should ever have to go through that, George R.R. Martin and Randomhouse are releasing an official book of maps featuring the lands from the Song of Ice and Fire series appropriately titled 'The Lands of Ice and Fire'. It contains all sorts of maps including a giant map of the entire known world, detailed cities, routes traveled by the main characters, and hopefully at least one with the best places to stop and eat on a long car trip.

Hit the jump for samples of some of the maps, the book drops October 30th for $10,000 $40.







  • tentornados

    Castle Black has no walls. Its pretty important to the story. This is the "official" map and they got that wrong? Definitely worth buying then.

  • Dino

    reminds me of the map of Sword Coast, especially the first map looks like the area around Candlekeep

  • cabbo

    I'll buy this, and try to figure out where all the main characters are going due to the emphasis on places like 'Gogossos', which I haven't seen before. Or maybe I can't remember. Still, I'll buy it.

  • Kenlin Bros

    The best thing about this book is that it means that Essos can be made for the CK2 AGoT mod. Tasty.

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