Finally, A Questionable Online Dating Site For Trekkies

October 9, 2012


Are you a Trekkie searching the galaxy over for that special someone? Then look no further, because you are gonna find THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE at Trekkie Dating. DISCLAIMER: Girl in picture not an actual member. But who cares -- check out all the intergalactic hotties in my area!:


Are you thinking what I'm thinking? "Dibs on chubbybutwilling?" What?! NO. I was gonna say I think Gornzilla might be an actual alien. I say you create a fake profile and talk to her. "I'm already mid-registration." Dammit, you're still going after chubbybutwilling, aren't you? "She's WILLING, bro." Solid point, you have my approval.

Thanks to PYY, who's never used a dating site before but doesn't judge those who have unless their profile pictures are just their privates. Then there's all kinds of judging.

  • Actually there's a lot of online dating websites that offers good tips on how to court a woman and gives some useful tips to have an effective way for dating.

  • daiya

    I lucked out and found a fellow trekkie sans shady websites. Trust me, just do it in person when it comes to fandoms. That way you can judge the level of crazy.

  • Well, beam me up! Pfffft.....

  • Thomas Taylor

    ya, dissapointted that geekologie is supporting a scam....

  • Dear
    Geekologi, I would like to monetize my appearance on your site so that I
    might afford boobs, hormone treatment and going from an outtie to an
    inny. I no longer would like to pee standing up. Sincerely, Gornzilla

  • ZomBBombeR

    I don't know how to take that and I'll just continue on G-Dub's assumption that you really are an alien.

  • I found out about Trek dating sites through a friend's FB post. I signed myself up on 3 of them the night before this blog post was put up. I put the log-in name and password up on facebook and invited my friends to join in. I like that someone changed this one to w4m. There's another that m4m. The best is the "my" description of myself where it's Spock/Kirk gay erotica.

  • ZomBBombeR

    I totally understood almost nothing of what I just read, but you have fun with that eh?!

  • All of those girls live in Rhode Island too.

  • Vishuss

    No Way! Hey GW, Uhura43 is near Auckland too! She gets around...

  • Marcus Como

    Nythia could feed a medium-sized villiage with those cans.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    I think the website is a scam. I just signed up and it keeps trying to get a credit card number from me. that's not very Star Trek of them.

  • Dude incognito

    Interesting how the same members for Venice are also the same ones for Philadelphia.

  • Patrick Caldwell

    Oh! Cubbybuttwilling.

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