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Drunk Ghostbuster Backflips Over Officer, Gets Arrested


NOTE: Officer drops an f-bomb at 0:17 because it sounds great right before calling someone a stupid idiot (it really does though is the thing).

This is a brief video of a drunk Ghostbuster (presumably Egon) backflipping off the roof of a cop car, OVER an officer, then getting arrested for mischief and being drunk in a public place. Fun fact: I've actually been arrested for both of those on several occasions. I've even been arrested for being drunk in a PRIVATE place before because I called the cops after cutting myself trying to open a package of hotdogs and told them my hand was trying to kill me. WHICH IT WAS. Now? Now they don't even bother answering my calls, which really sucks because I think my hand has been plotting something big.

Hit the jump and cross your fingers none of us get arrested tonight.

Thanks to Tom, who actually added the music to the clip and made a good video EVEN BETTER.

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