Awesome Car Chase (Now With More Bazooka, Jumping Into The Perp's Car And Kicking Them Out The Door!)

October 4, 2012


This is a (presumably old) video of an awesome car chase in some country where the steering wheels are on the right. It looks like it's straight out of an action movie though because at one point the police start shooting at the perp with a tear gas gun/shotgun/bazooka before an officer decides to just jump into the bed of the truck, climb in through the window, THEN KICK THE DRIVER OUT THE DOOR TO GET RUN OVER BY THE BACK WHEELS. Obviously, I won't be tempted to even jaywalk if I'm ever there on vacation.

Hit the jump for some quality policing in action.

Thanks to Kel, who has never been in a high speed pursuit before and doesn't want to be. Me? I don't feel comfortable at speeds over 30MPH.

  • William Samuel

    Despite being used in a game ad, this is real, from South Africa. It got included in this article a couple years back.

  • droomonsta

    The Narrator sounds like Optimus Prime

  • Girgear

    Funny how this video gives you an option to watch it on 480p.

  • Guest

    *adds to coolest policeman I know (next to Officer McGruff)* "I dun care if he's not real, he's still awesome." >:3

  • Wookash

    Not only is this years old, but it's actually an ad (for a video game I believe)? Fail.

  • the antagonist

    It was used in an ad for a video game, but the chase was very much real:


  • Wookash

    FFS, no it's not real. I love Cracked, but they have provided no source for their claim. In fact, I can't find one news source from South Africa, or anywhere else for that matter, proving it's anything but a video game ad.

    Double Fail.

  • Shaun9lives

    True. But you've provided no source for your claim either.

    And "fail" just sounds so ignorant to me. It was funny in '09, but come on people, let it go. It's like the internet version of Nelson's "ha-ha!"

  • Doktok

    He's most likely a member of the special task force.

  • Mighty Molecule

    jehovah witnesses are getting a bit aggressive these days. the bible-deploying bazooka was a tad much.

  • Not only was the action cool but it was also narrated by Optimus Prime.

  • Hammertime

    This is for an ad for a old PSP game, Pursuit Force.

  • Bubbubsky

    I just love the fake sirens.

  • Ralfone

    "Decides to negotiate face to face," proceeds to punch in the face. "After a few minutes, the officer gets him to turn himself in," proceeds to throw him out of the moving vehicle...hahaha

  • F**k yeah . 8|

  • n11

    Like a BOSS.

  • Lee

    Dunno if Id rather be tazed instead of thrown out of a moving vehicle..
    but in fairness it was at 30km/h

  • Martin Starfighter

    His foot got run over. That must hurt even in 30km/h.

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