Smashing A Car With A 45-kg (~100-lb) Thor Hammer

September 24, 2012


This is a video of Geekologie Reader David Klausen and Jorge Sprave (the slingshot guy) smashing the shit out of a Nissan Micra with the 45kg brain bashing Thor hammer that David made. Apparently a lot of folks in the Youtube comments were outraged about the destruction of the car, despite the fact cars don't have feelings. Jorge even took the time to reply to several people explaining the car's engine was dead, it had no brakes, and its floor was rusted through. Plus I heard it didn't even have a family so nobody will miss it.

Hit the jump for the video, it's 8-minutes though so definitely skip around. Also, don't expect too much damage from the hammer because it's nearly impossible to swing the thing with any force.

Thanks David, now make me one that's like 10kg and we'll take turns beating the shit out of my neighbor's minivan.

  • ZomBBombeR

    I've been following this dude around for a while now and I love his videos, his accent is different and real which I respect, he makes his own lethal slingshots and so what he likes to take some pride and talk about his creations, this video focused on one of his friends creations and them using it to break down a car primarily, obviously that thing isn't easy to swing regardless of how strong you are but the handle for thor-reality should have been much shorter and they would have done more damage with a traditional sledge because of a more focused impact zone, rather than a 1ftX1ft face plate, still the condensed brutality at 5:38 was my favourite part followed by the other sped up part afterwards, yes I watched the whole thing XD.

  • Zach V

    Bald head and warhammer? This guy's obviously a priest of Sigmar.

  • zerp

    You sick sick fuck.

  • Post_Nazi

    Let's make a big hammer and let it fall on stuff after we lift it up.

  • Randy Woodard

    Mjolnir had a short handle. and did that guy carry that on the plane i cant get a plastic spork on?

  • Hayley Prychun Rodgers

    This guy makes some cool stuff, but the videos are SOOO boring. So much talking and set up. I prefer FPS Russia for my damage dealing needs. At least if he isn't blowing things up his comments are hilarious and his accent fun.

  • ZomBBombeR

    I enjoy FPSRussia's videos too but you really can't compare the two because they aren't even in the same catagory. IMHO.


    This has got to be the stupidest thing I have ever seen. They should have sped up the footage to at least make it look cool. FAIL.

  • ruslan fedasyuk

    People should really watch the full video. Your fail for not skipping ahead maybe. These guys did a good job and they used various items. Loved seeing that Nissan being destroyed. This isn't a hollywood movie where a car explodes after 1 hit! xD

  • Poopy Pants


  • Jonny Campbell

    I reckon they could have done more damage with a regular sledgehammer because they would have been able to give it a decent swing. Or they needed to get a strongman to use the Thor Hammer.

  • Norla

    Brakes, not breaks. (sorry)

  • Antonio Carvalho

    I guess the Thor hammer without Thor is not that impressive!

  • Greg Kerekes

    Oh, my car!

  • Marcus Como

    Article should have been called "Smashing A Car WithA 45-kg Thor Hammer (a couple of times, then talking about it for several minutes, and destroying it with some other crap)" Who knew watching someone beat the shit out of a car with a warhammer would be so dull?

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