Real Product: Liquor That's Been Poured Down The Chest Of A Busty Model (Makes A Great Stocking Stuffer)

September 28, 2012


Because, just like the old saying goes, "boobs make everything better", G-Spirits (site NSFW -- bare taytays) is a line of rum, vodka and whisky that has been poured down the chests of busty models. Amina (pictured) does all the rum, a blonde named Evelin the vodka, and Hungary's 2012 Playmate of the Year Alexa does the whisky. Bottles range from $150-$180 depending on the spirit, and it's guaranteed that every drop was poured down the chest of the model. No word how it's gathered afterward or if any bottles contain collectibles like hair or dead skin, but we can hope. Now, not to sound too snooty or anything, but I prefer my liquor poured over NIPPLES ONLY. Liquor that's touched underboob, please -- that's a peasant's drink.

Hit the jump for an NSFW (for real toplessness) Youtube video advertisement...or something. Truthfully I don't know WTF I just watched.

Thanks to my buddy Terry, who said he was gonna buy me a bottle but probably lied BECAUSE HE'S A JERK. I don't even know why we're friends.

  • MidnightEkaki

    da fuq... people are deperate ssrly -__-; Drinking booze that was poured down some random persons skin. Gross.

  • Marcus Como

    Dude, those aren't even NICE boobs. Those are some of the worst implant jobs I've ever seen.

  • Ran_Min

    So once they pour it down do they collect it again? At her feet?

    Also, how many bottles are they selling? Do they just run a hose on top of her boobs?

    I can see it now...a naked girl standing over a huge drainage grating in a shady basement, a creepy guy holding a hose hooked up to a casket of cheap liquor pouring the stuff all over her, and everyone cackling like mad because they know there are suckers out there who are willing to pay insane $180 for the stuff.

  • ZomBBombeR

    Well it hurts me to say this but I'm not intrigued by this at all, rather disgusted to be honest, just doesn't seem healthy...

  • ZomBBombeR

    And after skimming the site the only bottle that looks to be at all worth paying more than you normally would for booze would be the single malt scotch whiskey as it's overproofed at 59.7% alc which is alot better than 40% for the rum and vodka IMHO.

  • Imagine how much semen has been on that chest prior to the booze...

  • Alien426

    Can we agree to call it boobze?

  • Smoky, oaked, and with a final aftertaste of silicone.

  • Dani

    Wow. Do you think they could make civet-like coffee too? You know, pass coffee berries trough their digestive tract and than make coffee out of the coffee beans? Could be more useful...

  • Rascal

    Probably is not poured down their tits but down some guys asses!

  • spectre99

    no vid, sad but i can still use my imagination. wait, ill just go to the liquor store in south dallas and by a bottle of mogan david for 2.50$, while im there i can pick up a hooker that will let me pour it on ?her? chest for 30$. if the wine doesnt have enough alcohol to kill clamydia i'll still have enough left over for the clinic. winwin thanks gw

  • I think I'd prefer the boobs to the drink.
    Also, that video is dead now.

  • gubgub

    Let's think about this for a second: alcohol dries the skin, they can't use lotion or it would spoil the booze. Not a good business model... just sayin

  • Robert Van Dyke

    hell if i owned a bar i would buy these and sell a shoot at 10 bucks a pop and show the video to them to help the sale.

  • If I owned a bar I would show the production process a-la From Dusk ´Til Dawn.

  • the antagonist

    Boob Liquor, for the discerning douche bag.

  • Cortney A.
    Douche bags, indeed.

  • Michael Knight

    who will buy this? those idiot bagel heads from japan.....

  • Michael Knight

    $130 for a bottle of booze? it better be 5 gallons worth.

  • "No word how it's gathered afterward " check minute 4:23! did you even watch the whole video? :D

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