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Lanky: The Avengers In The Style Of Tim Burton


Ever wonder what the Avengers would look like if Tim Burton had drawn them? Well what about if DeviantARTist La-Chapeliere-Folle drew them how Tim Burton would have drawn them? Of course you have, you're weird. Me? I've always wondered what they'd look like if Dali had painted them because I am SUAVE AND SOPHISTICATED. "You have cereal in your beard." Please tell me they're Apple Jacks. "Looks like Special K." Dammit that's from yesterday. "Maybe you should shower." I think I'm gonna shower.

Thanks to lacey, who has always wondered what the Justice League would look like sculpted by Michelangelo. F***in' sexy as hell, that's what.

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  • ZomBBombeR

    I wouldn't watch the avengers if it were made by tim burton, on the same note I wouldn't watch any tim burton movie if thats what he drew like he may make every johnny character look the same but he doesn't make all his characters look like johnny.

  • HalSolo

    Black Widow needs more mascara... and to be Winona Ryder.

  • Needs more Nick Fury.

  • Tim Buchanan

    Who is the 3rd one supposed to be?

  • Guest

    I believe it's Loki tied up and masked so he can't speak, would explain why Thor is holding the rope that has him bound? Nevermind i just realised that someone else posted it...

  • Steven Sanchez

    To spare the retards below, its Loki

  • Alfred Sanchez

    Johnny Depp

  • JimmyThr

    It's always Johnny Depp

  • Black Widow needs bigger ums, just sayin'

  • Kevin

    Dude, Banner looks like a girl. What's up?

  • Marcus Como

    Burton *hates* superheroes, hasn't anyone read his Superman treatment? He stripped away everything that makes the character until he was Batman from space. Also, which one would Johnny Depp play?

  • rikster81

    Johnny would play them all, look at them they all look like Johnny!

  • Loki.

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