Lanky: The Avengers In The Style Of Tim Burton

September 27, 2012


Ever wonder what the Avengers would look like if Tim Burton had drawn them? Well what about if DeviantARTist La-Chapeliere-Folle drew them how Tim Burton would have drawn them? Of course you have, you're weird. Me? I've always wondered what they'd look like if Dali had painted them because I am SUAVE AND SOPHISTICATED. "You have cereal in your beard." Please tell me they're Apple Jacks. "Looks like Special K." Dammit that's from yesterday. "Maybe you should shower." I think I'm gonna shower.

Thanks to lacey, who has always wondered what the Justice League would look like sculpted by Michelangelo. F***in' sexy as hell, that's what.

  • ZomBBombeR

    I wouldn't watch the avengers if it were made by tim burton, on the same note I wouldn't watch any tim burton movie if thats what he drew like he may make every johnny character look the same but he doesn't make all his characters look like johnny.

  • HalSolo

    Black Widow needs more mascara... and to be Winona Ryder.

  • Needs more Nick Fury.

  • Mr. Roboto

    Who is the 3rd one supposed to be?

  • Guest

    I believe it's Loki tied up and masked so he can't speak, would explain why Thor is holding the rope that has him bound? Nevermind i just realised that someone else posted it...

  • Steven Sanchez

    To spare the retards below, its Loki

  • Alfred Sanchez

    Johnny Depp

  • JimmyThr

    It's always Johnny Depp

  • Black Widow needs bigger ums, just sayin'

  • Kevin

    Dude, Banner looks like a girl. What's up?

  • Marcus Como

    Burton *hates* superheroes, hasn't anyone read his Superman treatment? He stripped away everything that makes the character until he was Batman from space. Also, which one would Johnny Depp play?

  • rikster81

    Johnny would play them all, look at them they all look like Johnny!

  • Loki.

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