Head-In-A-Hole Ostrich Pillow Becoming A Real Product

September 24, 2012


Remember the Ostrich Pillow I posted last year that we all made fun of but secretly wanted? Well now there's a Kickstarter push to make the thing a reality, and it's already met half of its $70,000 goal in six days. $75 secures a pillow if they actually make it into production. Me? I made my own out of a t-shirt. "That's JUST a t-shirt." Saved myself $60, I'm just saying.

Did you know that a power naps of around 20 minutes increases productivity by more than 30%? Seeing as we all spend more and more time at work / in front of a computer screen or in transit, we thought why not create a device that helps you disconnect and dream for short periods of time. That's how the OSTRICH PILLOW came to life.

Have fun and rest anywhere! All you have to do so is choose a place to nap, slip into your Ostrich pillow and you're set to go. We have tried it in airports, trains, aeroplanes, libraries, at the office, on a sofa and even on the floor and it's really wonderful!

Admittedly, I do want one, I just don't have $75 in my nap-time budget right now. Normally I fall asleep on one of the commodes in the men's room with my head resting in my hands and my elbows on my knees. Then when I wake up my legs are numb and I have to sit there slapping them for a minute while my coworkers think I'm masturbating.

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots and a Kickstarter video THAT FEATURES GEEKOLOGIE AT THE 1:00 MARK. I'm big-time, baby! I...made it into a Kickstarter video :/






Thanks to Vincent, who power-naps leaning against a wall because...actually I don't why he does that. It doesn't look comfortable, I can tell you that.

  • Johnlockian

    What about us girls with long hair? Won't it get completely messed up and tangled when we take it on and off?


    Love this!! Looks super comfortable. Cant wait to get mine!

  • ZomBBombeR

    I just cross my arms and use my wrists as a pillow and as aforementioned my eyelids to block out light, I guess this would work for some or lots based on their kickstarter progress but I'm just too paranoid to nap in public I guess not to mention I wouldn't be caught dead with one of those on my head, looks like a gimp mask crossed with a padded room.

  • 1:33 they show the old geekologie article on this lol

  • Guest


  • This seems like a very extravagant item to replace the basic function of eyelids.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    ...and a pillow

  • ZomBBombeR

    ...pretty much.

  • Why is there even a hole for your mouth? As soon as someone interrupts your nap to talk to you you're just going to take it off to see who it is and give them the stink eye. I'd be more worried about someone sticking there ballsack in my mouth while I was dreaming,

  • I'd say the hole is more for BREATHING than talking, what do u think ?

  • ZomBBombeR


  • Although it does look comfortable.

  • Guest

    It looks more like a nappy with a tail (or weewee) hole.

  • Adamant

    Couple of visible issues. Breathing when laying on a desk, its going to get hot and stagnant fast. Anyone who has ever used their sweater knows that, and this is much, much thinker. That guy in the airport better have a headset with a alarm clock or he's not making that flight =P

  • Its actually way thiner than a sweater, and stuffed with very light material thats makes it reaaally light. Nothing to see with wrapping your coat around your head! Seriously, it doesnt get that hot inside!

  • daiya

    idc how stupid i look; i spend a lot of time on campus and this means i could comfortably sleep in the library at a table and no one would attempt to strike up a conversation.

  • relevant

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    matter of opinion

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