Drunk Russian In Bulldozer Destroying Cars In Parking Lot

September 5, 2012


This is a video of a drunk Ruskie in a bulldozer (actually a loader) plowing through some cars in a parking lot before getting pulled out of the thing and punched in head and chest by witnesses. Russia: it just seems like such a fun place. Anybody live there and willing to put me up for a long weekend? Proximity to an unguarded construction site a plus.

Hit the jump for the DIY monster truck rally.

Thanks to Harry and bambooshots, who agree we definitely need the back story about what exactly dude was doing wasted in a piece of heavy machinery (besides fulfilling every man's lifelong fantasy).

  • He must have been beaten by the vehicle owners, damaging assets of other people is a shameful thing.

  • If I saw that happen, I'd take it as an act of life threatening violence and act accordingly when he tries to resume his seat in the vehicle. Get on his chest and kick on his face till his feet come loose. On a different note the proletariat works way too hard just to maintain something as simple as a car. Money equals life spent in a crappy office or dock. Destroying someone's possessions is stealing/killing that part of their life.

  • Guest

    good ole Russian vigilante justice.... In America, those beating the drunky would probably be sued... and lose.

  • Dublah

    What assholes. Yeah, he fucked up your vehicles. You could easily sue his ass for all he's worth. But instead you beat the shit out of him like a bunch of fucktards. Russia is worse than America.

  • Monochromatyczny Wojownik

    "You could easily sue his ass for all he's worth" - outside US its not so simple, Courts will take YEARS to investigate that, and insurance agencies will gladly tell you that 'destruction by building equipment is not compensated by your insurance'. They might as well lost their cars until they can afford new ones

  • Tim Cole

    i was expecting the video to be a dash-cam on the bulldozer, like every other video from russia

  • Jermain Palmen

    That has got to be the lamest angry mob ever...
    For shame, Russia, for shame....

  • $18922249

    Between this and the guy faking his own death for a marriage proposal, its been an incredibly average week in Russia.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    Grand Theft Auto: Saint Petersburg

  • Flat Spotting

    You missed the first video


  • i was excited to watch the video .. but that was sad.. i mean common if you get a freaking bulldozer when you'r drunk YOU WOULD DO THE SAME! COME ON!!! YES YOU WOULD!

  • Antonio Carvalho

    NO!! I would do way more damage than that!!!

  • ElSpanielo

    I'm pretty sure that guy is dead now... those Russians... they are mean.

  • One has to wonder if those people beating on him were the owners of the vehicles or just citizens angered by the car alarms...

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    I like how one of the mob that desires vigilante justice walks up with a beer in his hand while he proceeds to beat the drunk guy.

  • Guest

    Never leave the key in the ignition while on break...especially on a construction site next to a bar. XD

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