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Diving Into Hay Bales: Assassin's Creed Kenway Jacket


This is the $320 Assasin's Creed 'Kenyway' jacket created by Volante Designs to resemble the one protagonist Connor Kenway wears in the upcoming Assassin's Creed title. The jackets are made to order and available in two different front-closure styles and "virtually any combination of colors" in case you want one that looks less like a marching band uniform.

It sports turnback center panels with reversible zippers so it can be worn open or closed, as well as turnback tails which fasten at the back center, and can be unbuttoned and let to hang, for protection from the elements. Also includes a fitted, removable hood, and reversible epaulettes with the main color [white] on one side and the accent [blue] on the other.

Currently it is available with either a center zipper which folds back, or asymmetrical fastening, for a wider fold on the front panel. I also intend to design a shorter, waist-length version at a reduced cost, for those who don't like to wear long coats, but I had to focus on this one first. Both will include two large outer pockets, and an inside breast pocket. Available with either high quality black plastic coat buttons, or brass half-dome buttons.

I don't care who laughs at me, I would wear that, and I would leap-of-faith off taller and taller things until I broke my entire body and had to go to the hospital. And would you send any 'Get Well Soon' balloons? You would not. You'd probably come and try to smother me out in my sleep. And that's when I'd hidden-blade you. Ooooooor shit my hospital gown and roll onto the floor.

Hit the jump for some more shots, including the different closure options.








Thanks to Einar and Suzanne, who promised to film all my jumps and upload them to a Youtube channel so everyone can see what a badass I am. Oooooooooor how overweight :/

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  • Jennifer Marton

    Buy Assassin Creed 3 Connor Kenway Costume at very reasonable price with free shipment on order over $200. visit out website: where you will find best quality replica leather jacket.

  • k34N

    Guys i got the Boston jacket on eBay for £30

  • Great I have seen same jacket in many sites but this is truly adorable

  • Assassin's Creed is a best historical fiction action-adventure game Ive ever played and believe me this costume looks great. I wish I could buy this.

  • dustyjohnson

    Assassins Creed Jacket Check this Link

    Assassins Creed jacket

  • Brad powell

    My friend think I look definitely devil. The all time best outfit . Right from quality to the price everything worth in my favor.

  • where did you get those boots

  • amazing jacket, love it. im a girl & i would wear it, defo!

  • Luka

    Would my kidney in return for that suffice?

  • hi i am from argentina, Do you ship to Argentina? and a bank account to deposit the money?,or is by paypal and shipping time is between weeks or months?

  • milsson

    less price

  • gaston cuello

    esta muy buenaaa,,

  • Marcus Como

    I'm not an elitist, and not wealthy by any stretch, but if $300 is too much to spend on a coat suitable for several types of weather, you are dirt-ass poor. That's what any half-decent leather jacket costs. Plus it has a hood and some length, much like an uncircumcised peenor.

  • ZomBBombeR

    I'll stick to thrift store trench coats for incognitto mode effect but flashy jacket!

  • jimmmy

    where i can find one of this ??? fuck im from mexico did we have azteka assassins ??? jejeje

  • westmclarenmerc

    Do not want, Conner will be the most fake-assed 'historical' assassin in the franchise.
    I don't understand why they went American in that game because Japan would've been much more interesting.
    Sure sissyboy Desmond might not have any Asian heritage.
    Maybe in the future with Assassins Creed 4 with a new subject?
    Since Desmond is Subject 17 and Subject 16 is already dead,
    and the only other mentioned subject to my knowledge was Subject 4
    That still leaves 14 Subjects of which we have no clue about.
    And be honest with me, being an assassin in the era's in which samurais walked Japan,
    that would be so kick-ass because ninja's were the assassins of that time.
    So you'd be a friggin ninja!!! what I want.

  • Tomias

    Ubisoft said they don't want to make an AC game set in Asia because the it is just ninjas. They want to make a game set in a world where you wouldn't expect there to be ninjas/assassins

  • norain

    then play ninja gaiden.

  • Steven Sanchez

    Well I better go make a deposit to the bank...
    *Loads shotgun*

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