The Old 'Drop An iMac Box In Front Of People' Prank

August 31, 2012


If you haven't seen it already, this is a video of a guy repeatedly dropping two iMac boxes filled with broken glass in front of people to make them all groan. He also cusses in front of children which I do NOT condone. I know some fanboys who would actually cry if they saw this happen in real life. Me? I would laugh my other-people's-misfortune loving balls off and yell WAY TO GO YOU STUPID CLUMSY IDIOT before stomping the boxes like they're bubble wrap and disappearing into the crowd. I'm a jerk, but you love me for it. "We don't love you." You at least like me a little. "Hate." You hate me :(

Hit the jump for three minutes of oh man, I would point and laugh so hard.

Thanks to lollith and Ben, who agree the best pranks are always the ones that go horribly, horribly wrong.

  • Leon Chimp

    Now he can get a REAL computer!

  • The cover of this article shows the cross of Pacific Av and Windward Av in Venice Beach, Los Angeles...

  • AmselZephlyn

    hahaha so great. He should have done one in the apple store at the end. Walked in and be like "I want to return these" and then accidentally trip and fall in front of the dude and smash them both hahaha

  • Man, that happened to me once at work.
    And it wasn't my computer either >_<

  • Guest

    I wonder if it'll help if I push him down those stairs? He want's it to be a bit real right?
    Hilarious video, there should be moar like this, blah blah bla.

  • I wonder how many people got a super smug look on their face after he drops it.

  • This has made me feel much better.
    Thank you GW.

  • Prometheus

    I love the end. "I accidentally dropped it... 27 times."

  • Guest

    clever prankster....very clever. ( `_`)

  • penisbelenis

    Dude seems to be getting infinite entertainment out dropping that box in front of folks.

  • Guest

    I would too.

  • It's more of a love/hate relationship, GW... I mean COME ON! Look at that face! You cant ALWAYS hate that face!

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