Somebody's Calling The Cops: Blood Stain Wallpaper

August 16, 2012


Thank God for that rug tying the room together.

Because I'm always looking for excuses to get the cops called to my apartment, PIXERS has released a line of 'bloody splashes' wall murals. They come in over 60 different styles and can be ordered in just about any size and shape you want, so feel free to go nuts. Just kidding, feel free to go with plain white walls and a couple framed movie posters. STOP TRYING TO BE SO EDGY. The path of a badass isn't paved with decorative wall treatments.

Thanks to beebs, who for some reason has bloody footprints and a hand behind her ba-- OMG, SHE HAS A KNIFE.

  • Hmmm i guess this has nothing to do with the PIXARS, well they might be different, but this thing looks gross, one can opt for some light colors 3D realistic wallpapers, i have seen many awesome one's, what about checking this amazing post that describes 15 awesome tips to make your house interior awesome http://www.hackinguniversit...

  • lol looks like somebody kills 100s of peoples in a room with a grasscutter, very scary.

  • Epona

    It would make me thirsty muhahahahaaa

  • Mrtvy Kenny

    well there is always something in between white walls and bloodbath :) check out these 3d wallpapers and stuff..

  • lorrrd

    Cheap-buck-crap 4 artificial people , why not taking red paint & DIY ? Is it gizmo , gadget or just awesome ? Wondering !

  • Dexters man cave...... or man slaughter cave.. WHICH EVER.

  • Hmm... :} Seems like Death Room.

  • Andrew St. Andrew

    looks awful

  • i know the Red on White makes it POP more.... but Red on Black would be soo much better lookin

  • Lee

    *stares* Im sorry but has no one read Johnny the Homocidal Maniac?? Cause this looks like like some of the scenes from that twisted comic.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    Did Dexter read "The Purloined Letter" or something?

  • What did they kill - an elephant?

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    that's unrealistic. blood would not be all over the wall and ceiling like that. make it realistic. place some splatter against the wall like a hollow point hit someone's head

  • This image is pure photoshop fake. This room is from the danish designer Finn Juhl's home, which is now a museum. Where did you steal the original image, I am a photograper who work freelance for this museum. Sort it out!

  • Disturbing and imbecilic.

  • Again with the "wall mural" it's a mural. Wall mural makes it a wall wall painting.

  • JCB5150

    Say 'wall' again, I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker, say wall one more Goddamn time!

  • Laoch


  • I prefer painting my walls red with blood the old fashioned way


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