Needs Way More Naked Lady Mudflaps: Oldschool Optimus Prime Tractor Trailer Imagined In Real Life

August 28, 2012


Man, remember back in the original cartoon when Optimus Prime was just a sweet looking tractor trailer and didn't need a stupid looking flame paint job? Plus when he transformed you could still make out his truck pieces and he didn't look like he was made from a million shards of scrap metal. Those were the days. "The mid-80's" I like to call them. A time when you'd take an afternoon nap and your mom would have a bowl of fresh berries waiting for you outside the door when you woke up. Now? Now there's nothing waiting for me outside the door except a man from the utility company coming to turn off the electricity. Life used to be so simple.

Thanks to Colorado Movie Cars, who agrees the last place you want to be when a Transformer transforms is inside it.

  • Odessa Coldiron

    This truck looks a bit formidable than the Peterbilt version of Optimus prime. I like the trailer part; it looks similar to the old school Optimus. That indeed took me back to the days when I always watched the animated series. This will do well if it’s featured in the first movie adaptation. However, the Bumbebee of today is waaaay cooler than the old one!

    Odessa Coldiron

  • ZomBBombeR

    @GW and Colorado Movie Cars, if you watch the old cartoons theres actually many ocasions where Bumblebee or OP will transform with a rider inside from vehicle mode to battle mode.

  • gfelts

    You've got the touch!

  • Autobot85

    Hey, Geekologie writer, How come I don't get any love? I did this back in 2010! (Plus a bunch of other Transformers too!) You're lucky I've always loved you from afar or I'd be really upset right now!! http://nelsonribeiro.devian...

  • rikster81

    Would it be wrong if I humped it??

  • ZomBBombeR

    No man, perfectly acceptable; just make sure OP is cool wit it first!

  • GizmoDuck

    i'd drive it

  • Guest

    This is full o' win....and awesomesauce!!!

  • BalderdashTmesis
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