My Life Isn't Worth That: $5,600 'Earthquake-Proof' Bed

August 24, 2012


Because exploiting people's fear of a crushing death is a great way to sell products, a Japanese furniture manufacturer is introducing this $5,600 earthquake-proof 'Wood Luck' bed. It has a specially treated cedar frame that can support up to 65 tons of pressure and keep you alive long enough to starve to death provided the earthquake happens in your sleep. If it happens in the shower you're f***ed. Man, these people have got it all figured out. Because if the bed turns out to not actually be earthquake-proof guess who's not gonna be around to complain? My God they must have gone to a good business school.

Hit the jump for a video of the bed just sitting there not supporting shit. I DEMAND PROOF.

  • James S.

    Your life is not worth $5600 but you will spend close to 4000 - 7000 on a sleep number bed??? Some serious dumb asses out there.

  • Video :

    You know Intelligence anti-earthquake bed ?

    see the video

  • $18922249

    Not to be a Debbie-downer... but I would be willing to bet if you put 65 tonnes of pressure right in the center of that side strut, the thing would splinter into a bagillion pieces. Maybe 65 tonnes coming straight down on the four supports equally... but rarely does that ever happen.

  • Guest

    *adds waterbed feature* Now it's safe and fun during an earthquake. :D

  • Godzilla =
    20,000–60,000 tons

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    I looked up what weighs close to 65 tons. M1A1 Abrams weighs 65 tons.
    This bed supports a M1A1 Abrams tank sitting on top of it. I tell you what. You lay down in this thing and I will place the tank on top of it and let's see what happens.

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