I'll Have To Make A Meow Mix!: $1,000 Cat Headphones

August 3, 2012


Hey -- so I'm dealing with some real life stuff today. If I disappear after an article or two take comfort in the fact I'm suffering and I'll try to make it up to you with some posts this weekend (or so I say).

Headphone purveyor SOL REPUBLIC has teamed up with Meowingtons (who makes....?) to produce this very limited edition (only 10!) of cat headphones. They cost $1,000 and you should expect to be mauled the first time you try to put them on your cat. All proceeds (if there are any) will go to the ASPCA, which is awesome. Anything to keep those Sarah McLachlan commercials off television.

Hit the jump for a parody infomercial about the things.

Thanks to Damien, whose cats listen to house music then spaz out and pull all the toilet paper off the rolls. Typical!

  • Graig

    if you want to listen to music with your cat get speakers. lol. cats like music, and also like TV.

  • Guest

    The video is just hilarious, well done with the gradual make up.

  • Guest

    I prefer my cat listen to my crazy taste of music via desktop speakers, that way we can both jam to the beats.

  • Take care of yourself, GW. Take all the time you need.

  • prof meowingtons phd is deadmau5's cat :D

  • Brant_Alan

    Ah GW, I beat you to that Meow Mix joke about a month ago, made my sister a mix cd for her birthday and write "Meow Mix" on the front. Suck it!

  • Finally my cat can rock out to TED NUGENT!!!!

  • Ha! I get it. ;)

  • Hey, rich people! If you have money to throw away on stupid things for your cat I'm sure I could think up something pointless that you could pay me for.

  • sointex

    well, if you actually had any reading comprehension or research skills (you know, life skills for the internet?), you'd know that these are a joke, and all the proceeds go to ASPCA. They're only making 10 of them and charging $1g BECAUSE IT'S FOR CHARITY. athiestn00b

  • $18922249

    You spelled atheist wrong, sonitex. Arguably, you are the reading/writing "n00b".

  • sointex

    that would make me a spelling n00b. what are you then? semantics n00b?

  • Yes and the joke is that rich people will buy anything. So suck it.

  • sointex

    ummm... that's not a joke. that's a fact. They're buying a fake cosmetic product for their pets which supports a cause they believe in. dunno why that irks u so much.

  • Yeah, whatever.

  • GirlFromSpace

    She was obviously being sarcastic.

  • esteban pardo

    Thats Deadmau5 cat!

  • Isn't Professor Meowingtons Deadmau5's cat?

  • sointex

    pretty sharp there...

  • Meowingtons >^_^<

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