Yikes: Net-Casting Spider Catching Prey In Slow Motion

July 30, 2012


WARNING: If the title didn't tip you off this post is spider related and should be avoided if you have arachnophobia, are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant.

This is a video from the BBC of a net-casting spider catching a meal. Net-casting spiders spin a net, then hold it between their hands (legs) and lunge at an insect with it to trap them. It's pretty cool to watch provided spiders don't really bother you. Thankfully, spiders know better than to mess with me. Whenever I spot one on the wall I always scream then smash it with a shoe and leave it's splattered body there as a warning to the rest of them. "Unacceptable" my landlord once called it.

Hit the jump for a SUPER CRAPPY version of the video some jackass hand-filmed off his monitor like a spaz, but you should really head over to the BBC article to watch the thing in decent quality.

Thanks to Rev Doc Dom, who eats live spiders just to let the other ones know he's f***ing crazy and should probably pack up their webs and leave.

  • Kenny

    Looks like LIMBO.

  • ZomBBombeR

    LMMFAO thats funny you should say that GW minus the scream I do the exact same thing to spiders. Sometimes I get creative with pellet guns or makeshift flamethrowers but regardless the corpes stays and serves a warning lol. p.s. and on the reals the spider hunts badass.

  • why is it a video of a video? There has to be an HD version of this hosted somewhere...Like on BBC lol...is this a nature documentary or a pirated xvid copy of the new Spider Man movie?

  • Guest

    This spider is taking the direct approach to capturing food. It is scary, but effective. :D

  • Lee

    That spider actually doesnt look as scary as some of the absurdly bugger eyed ones Ive seen. Kinda like a daddy long legs, dont mind them at all either.

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