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The Real-Life Model Of Hyundai's Zombie Apocalypse Car


Unveiled at this weekend's San Diego Comic-Con, this is the real-world version of Hyundai's Elantra Coupe Zombie Survival Machine (previously: the renderings). As we had suspected, it's definitely NOT the vehicle you want to be driving when the undead shit hits the fan. Me? I want to be driving a bulldozer. ON THE MOON. F*** earth, man, daddy's building a space-base. But seriously, if there is a zombie apocalypse you know what the best thing to be driving in is? The other direction, fast.

Hit the jump for shots from all angles.







Thanks to Shenanigans, who plans on standing his ground during the zombie apocalypse and tricking them all with Home Alone style booby traps. Aahahahahahah, GOOD LUCK.

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