Oh You Know, Just A Video Of The Five Guys Who Volunteered To Stand Under An Exploding Nuke

July 19, 2012


This is an old (1957) government propaganda film showing the five men who volunteered to stand under a "low-yield" (two-kiloton) nuclear warhead detonated 10,000 feet above their heads. The video was created to calm the US populous and prove nuclear war is no big deal. The government: they've never NOT been lying to us. Admittedly, it would take pretty big balls to stand out there, I don't care how high or small the nuke they're detonating is. Of course, these suckers were probably fed the same lies the video was made to disperse in the first place. That said, if the government gave me $10-million and a year to spend it, I'd ride a f***ing nuke into a brick wall.

Hit the jump for the video, explosion around 1:00. Dude smoking victory cigar at 1:45.

Thanks to Me (not like ME me -- another me) and Little Alex, who always sign up for those paid drug experiments. Ahahahhaha -- I put myself through college on terrible side effects.

  • bill stanley

    With all the current worry and hysteria about a "civilization-ending" EMP strike from an aerial nuclear explosion that would knock out all our electronics (thus putting us back in the Stone Age)... why did the microphone and recorder continue operating in this film? Recorders and mics in that day were unshielded electronic parts, just a little more robust and bulky than what we use today, but they were still electronics. Anybody care to muse on that?

  • Azariel_z

    You didn't read the Dark Knight Returns, didn't you??

  • Jamie Smith

    2:23 "were missing a mushroom, there doesn't seem to be a mushroom cloud we usually associate with a nuke" Well.. Maybe it's because that was a decoy. Sugar bomb if you will.

  • Brian Fleshman

    How fucking stoked was that guy when the missile blew? He sounded giddy!

  • Scott Reeser

    I'm almost certain the man with sunglasses was Benjamin Linus. NOW Lost makes sense...

  • it's a small yield bomb... but still.... fking balls. fking balls.

  • Soylent Green Is People

    The US government went buck-fucking-wild with atomic testing between 1945 and 1992. They conducted a total of 1054 nuclear weapons tests during that period. If you watch the mind-blowing documentary called Trinity And Beyond: The Atom Bomb Movie (all declassified archival US military footage which the military actually hired Hollywood filmmakers to document) you really get the impression that the US was willing to try just about anything that military scientists could think up. I wonder what would happen if you we blow one up at ground level? Let's try it! How about 1000 feet in the air? Try it! How about 1000 feet underground? Or on the surface of the open ocean? Or 1000 feet below the surface? Or what if we fire one into the atmosphere and detonate it there? Or how about if we try to create an instant harbour with one? Sure, try 'em all!
    And they kept building bigger, more powerful ones. They also went the other way and built smaller tactical ones like the "Davey Crocket" which was a nuclear warhead fired from a small recoilless rifle.
    Of course, the Soviets were just as bad. And, because their missiles had shitty accuracy they were forced to build even bigger, more powerful nukes (like the biggest ever Tsar Bomba). Check out footage of that shit. It's so fucking massive it won't even fit in the biggest Soviet bomber they had at the time.
    Anyhow, yeah, the whole "nuke" period of history is full-on retarded.

  • Not just a great documentary, but Trinity and Beyond has a fantastic score. If I recall, you can listen to it on the DVD.

  • Jared Holt

    The documentary "Trinity and Beyond" is available to stream on Netflix.

  • yeah... but just wonder what is still classified.

  • Doug Eldridge


  • Bob Barker @ 2:09


  • Charles Whelan

    They were not fat. However, you could assume anyone who is free willingly standing under a nuclear warhead explosion is not in their right mind...

  • Bubbubsky

    Even then, the general public was not made entirely aware of the horrific side effects of nuclear blasts.
    Hell, look at some of the appalling propaganda of the time, like "Our Friend the Atom." Who wouldn't want to eat corn that's been dosed with supe-high levels of gamma radiation? YUM!

  • Ed

    I'm sure they got awesome super top secret medals.

  • http://www.dtra.mil/documen... 2 Kiloton and 18,500 feet up, according to their document. Microphone didn't even cut out, so EMP blast was tiny too.

  • Is there any article describing the effects of what actually happened to these idiotmorons?

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    I am fairly certain that every one of them died an early death of something like leukemia, testicular cancer, brain aneurysms, herpes or gingivitis.

    Who the hell did they piss off back then?


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