Nooooo, That's Not Spoiling: JK Rowling Building £150K (~$235K) Hogwarts Inspired Treehouses For Her Children

July 26, 2012


Because what good is having a mom who created an entire fictional world of magic if you can't actually LIVE in that world, JK Rowling is having a giant Hogwarts inspired treehouse complex built for her children in their backyard. So f***ing jealous of those little Muggles right now.

But even by JK Rowling's standards the 40ft high, two-storey tree houses planned for the back garden of her Edinburgh mansion are something spectacular.

Each wooden tree house is to be built on stilts and boasts balconies, carvings and turrets that wouldn't look out of place in a Potter adventure.

The towers are linked by a rope bridge and can be approached by a secret tunnel hidden underneath a raised wooden walkway.

Man, this really got me thinking. What if we ALL lived in Ewok treehouse cities? Wouldn't that be cool? Plus we would be like, getting back to nature and stuff. "The entire forest would be covered in empty beer cans and pizza boxes." Goats, bro -- they'll eat anything.

Hit the jump for a bunch more of the renderings.






Thanks to Zobbit, who agrees there's no greater feeling of freedom than peeing over the railing of your treefort.

  • Spartikiss

    Club house maybe, but if it's not built in a tree it's no tree house

  • If I went from where she was to where she is (financially) my dog's house would be bigger than that let alone my daughter's play house - so yeah, good for you JK, thank you for making my youth more magical.

  • Val

    Dear JK, please to be adopting me. I don't care that I'm 30.

  • dougfunnay

    its not a tree house if its not built in a tree
    its just a house on stilts..... it boggles my mind that things like this are constantly called tree houses
    .....its a play house....on stilts

  • zeldasbff

    How old are her kids? Either way, those "treehouses" (or forts, because um, lack of tree) will become sex/drug/party pens soon enough. I just hope I'm invited!

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    It should have moving staircases and holographic missing steps. You know, for the true experience.

    They should also build it on an old burial ground, in the off chance that they might have some ghosts.

    You know what? Just put an anaconda in the hidden passageway as well.

  • Oz Baxter

    "Hey homeless families, go f**k yourself!" - JK Rowling

  • Taija

    She was nearly homeless before she hit it big with the Harry Potter series. And by nearly I mean, just about as close you can get to before you're evicted out of your home. So I think she's pretty darn sympathetic when it comes to that.

  • Enkidu98

    If you believe this, you're probably unaware of Ms. Rowling's contributions to her country and its people.

    First - A disclaimer, I know f*&^-all about Harry Potter. I know
    who the author was and who played the parts in the movies. Why? because
    it is fairly difficult to be a reasonably aware person living in the
    modern world and not know this... But my level of 'cares' for HP and
    Rowling are pretty much nil.

    That said, I was reading an interview and someone had asked Ms. Rowling
    why she hasn't moved out of Britain and done more to protect her
    _prodigious_ fortune.

    Her response was, paraphrased, that she was wealthy because of Britain's
    system. She was supported by the public largesse and she owed it back.
    She didn't think Tax Evasion and protecting her fortune from the tax
    collectors was the proper thing to do as a citizen.

    So, I think she's allowed some 'nice things' or even some 'really
    f^&$ing spectacular awesome cool things' for her kids. Because
    she's giving back in a much larger amount to the nation that cared for
    and protected her when she was a single mother with no source of income.

    Additionally, her charitable giving is enormous and just not regularly
    publicised because she does it for the charity, not the popularity.

  • Oz Baxter

    Just a joke Potter-fanatics. Just a joke. Sheesh!!

  • obloodyhell

    Oz, too many imbecile OWS types around the world who would actually respond as you did. So you have to make it really OBVIOUS it's intended as a joke.

    Not a question of being a Potter fan, even. Just respecting anyone's right to do as they please with their own well-earned wealth.

    I mean even the generic complaint about someone rich making it off the efforts of other people doesn't apply to Rowling -- she made every dime of her wealth by providing society with a great set of memes and ideas and entertainment.

    "No one was harmed in the making of these riches."


    Despite that, there are certainly those who would claim that she has no right to be as rich as Croesus, that it all really belongs to the society she is a part of -- ALL of it.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    The link said that she had donated over 100 million pounds to charity already and she's worth a little over 500 million pounds. Raise your hand if you've donated 20% of your worth to charity. Crickets? Thought so.

  • Enkidu98

    I hadn't clicked through the link but that they mention it in the article as well just serves to prove my point. She's alright in my book and I don't begrudge her a thing especially considering her selflessness with her wealth. She should be an example for some folks here in the states with far larger fortunes who spend more money than she _has_ trying to make it so the rest of us can cantinue to be screwed by a govt that protects its political donors far in excess of the protection it provides the other 99.9%

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    I totally agree with you.

  • Bruce Tahoe

    What's the point of as treehouse if you don't build it yourself? Bug out, mum.

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