Functional Wheelchair Built Entirely Out Of LEGO

July 31, 2012


This is a 44-pound wheelchair built by Simon Burfield entirely out of LEGO pieces (sans the wheels). Specifically, 'six Lego Mindstorms NXTs, 12 Mindstorms motors, 12 Lego Mindstorms touch sensors...and a "whole load of Lego Technic."' The chair can allegedly accommodate an occupant up to 198-lb and zoom them around at speeds up to incredibly slow. Still, an impressive feat. Of course, if you find yourself crippled and insurance won't cover the cost of a Rascal or Hoveround I don't recommend going and building your own LEGO version. No, here's what you do: call me and I'll steal one from somebody who's just fat and lazy. Mother Teresa they call me in my neighborhood. "No they don't." THEY CALL ME NANCY BOY, OKAY?

Hit the jump for a lady in tight jeans taking the thing for a spin.

  • Zuma

    did that woman build it? NOT :D

  • This has nothing to do with the lego wheel chair and everything to do with the TWO loud automatically starting commercials on the home page that both started at the same time. Pretty damn annoying and intrusive GW... Im not so much angry with you as I am disappointed in you. I don,t come to your page to get accosted by laundry and dishwasher adds.

  • thatcando

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  • Lee

    Ermm.. someones going to hate me for this (but not you!)
    If your using Firefox or Chrome look up "Ad-Blocker Plus" -- I havent seen an ad in MONTHS!
    -- And if your using Internet Explorer.. well... Thats a whole stack of problems

  • that worked great. Thanks

  • Steven Sanchez


  • Steven Sanchez

    "Nice wheelchair, must of cost a pair of legs..."

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