Animal Sculptures Made From Discarded Plastic Utensils

July 30, 2012


This is a series of sculptures from artist Sayaka Ganz of different animals created entirely from discarded plastic goods. Now look under my coffee table. That's a booger collection.

She wants to "transmit a message of hope" through her sculptures; and does so by giving new-found utility to these otherwise useless objects. Her sculptures are not only aesthetically wonderful, but also a commentary on our disposable culture. As we burn through plastic packaging and buy new things to replace completely usable, slightly outdated things, we devalue culture. Ganz's recollection of this "trash" meditates on the importance of valuing not only what we have, but who we are as a society.

Hey, you can try to make all the messages you want through your art, but to me you'll always be the crazy lady I came home and caught rooting through my garbage and had to chase off with a broom.

Hit the jump for ten more animals.











Thanks to PYY, who once made a turtle out of a plastic pasta strainer. I like turtles!

  • I like that some have little plastic cartoon speed lines. Fun!

  • ahill

    Very cool. Then when you're done with them you can just throw them away.

  • Guest

    This is a pretty creative way to recycle rubbish. I dig the red cheetah & the blue blue whale there.

  • Those are amazing and quite beautiful.

  • "I like turtles" = another soiled pair of man panties. damn you!

  • Ed

    I like. These are light years better than what normally passes for art nowadays, like the diarrhea Ironman posted here a while back, or the stuff made of bacon.

  • Lee

    I like it but I cant shake the feeling that artist used 'new' plastic stuffs to make this 'trash' art.

  • Spencer Rogers-Greason

    You realize it's quite possible to make plastic look "new" just by washing it :O Not to mention, it's VERY likely they painted a lot of these items to match in color. Really not that hard.

  • Lee

    I realize its used trash... I just cant shake the feeling that its all so new looking and washed and unscratched from being in trash cans and.. new-ish

    Much like knowing a spider cant hurt you but you cant shake the feeling of "Get awaaaaaaay!!!" [at least until its behind a glass container]

  • GreyGanado

    Water and soap.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    I'm with Lee Tan here, unless people are throwing away perfectly good and usable ustensils, those look new...

  • That's the point.

  • $18922249

    Long after the humans there might come a day when another species begins an archaeological dig on our planet. They will find an incredibly thin and colorful layer of earth that covers the entire planet, laced with the plastic of 200 years. And then there will be nothing for many strata following. They will mark that as the Anthropocene; the stage of the sixth Great Mass Extinction.

    There is no hope, plastic sculptures or not.

  • You're a cheerful little swine.

  • $18922249

    It's all in good fun.

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