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AHAHAHAHA!: X-Box HDMI Cable With Virus Protection


Because you teeny boppers out there don't have your own money and your parents have to go to the store to buy your X-Box cables for you, a cable manufacturer is advertising their latest HDMI cable as a '"100% Mylar" double shield 1.3 grade cable with anti-virus protection to reduce virus noise and to obtain the perfect image transmission' to trick your mom into buying it. Me? I just called my lawyer to file a false-advertising suit. No, no I didn't. But I did just call my favorite sub place and order a tuna melt for lunch. Baby steps.

Thanks to Taylor, who once sued a next-door neighbor for advertising a yard sale but being unwilling to sell him an extra 4-feet of side yard. I say burn his house to the ground!

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  • AaaronG

    I presume they meant signal noise from streaming movies.

  • Just wrap them with a condom. Problem solved.

  • John Kohler

    I'm not sure whether the cable is gluten-free. I'll buy a different one instead.

  • Anodos

    The sad thing is, it doesnt even mean COMPUTER virus noises. I dont know which makes more sense....

  • Sylvain Gagné

    Virus noise protection?!?! lol! hahaha! The man who made advice on the box he's certainly on the acid trip!

  • Ed

    It's 100% legit. The Mylar coating keeps the Ebola and bird flu from getting in the cable.

  • Gob

    Finally! Those damn viruses just won't shut up.

  • Finally a product I can use. I've been waiting this for years as I was born with a hearing deficiency where I can hear virus noises. YOU PEOPLE DON'T KNOW HOW GOOD YOU HAVE IT!!!!!!!

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    no worse than monster cable and their lies

  • DrPeril

    It's probably worth noting that the HDMI standard does support blacklisted end points and the driver software can be, at least on windows (not sure about Mac/Linux), injected with malicious or altruistic code. It's not inconcevable that HDMI cables will eventually be more than just cables, perhaps featuring some kind of signal buffer / packet inspector.

    But yeah, I'm calling BS on this too...

  • I'm going to make one that does all that plus protects you from assassins and monsters.

  • WTF..virus noise? pshhh

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