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YES PLEASE: Extreme Wind-Blown Faces Get A Video


Remember Tadao Cern's 'Blow Job' photography series of extreme wind-blown faces? Well this is the minute-and-a-half video of the face-blowing in action. Not gonna lie, it's GOOD. Especially how some of the models' eyes keep flapping open when they want them shut. Man, that was great. One time I opened my dog's eye when she was sleeping and it was like, ALL WHITE. *shivers* Never doing that again.

Hit the jump for the VERY worthwhile video.

Thanks to drifter and Avary, who agree these girls are lucky nobody snuck up behind them and slapped them on the back to freeze them this way.

There are Comments.
  • StickyGeranium

    Why only women?

  • That's some orgasm.

  • and a new fetish is born.

  • Rule 34 needs to apply to this as well. That would be hugely entertaining.

  • That chick's hot.

  • Crucial

    I was just going to say that!
    $%^@ me, she's hot even with her face blowing inwards.

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