These Beats Are Bananas: Monkeys On Synthesizers

June 5, 2012


Bananas, get it? Because people slip on them and hurt themselves. Just kidding, that's not why, but I've already forgotten what I was talking about. If you eat too many of them they'll give you runny stools? No clue. Man, I got DRUNK last night. This is a bunch of different monkeys playing synthesizers (or trying to eat the keys). They're not very good, but still better than 9/10ths of the DJs I've ever heard. I've never heard a DJ though because I don't go to clubs. I dunno, they're just not my scene. "You're in prison." I don't like the shower either.

Hit the jump and experience raw musical talent.

Thanks to Bron, who told me he'd make me some original beats if I'd rap over them. DEAL.

♫ Yo yo yo yo, check it --

I touched my wiener, and it felt kinda funny
then I looked down, and it wasn't mine
Now we're best friends

  • Azariel_z

    we can give Bieber instead...

  • editing that video down would have been the funniest session ever.

  • Dr. Sanjeev Ananthan

    The little dudes almost played Axel F

  • Emmitt Morgans

    So did the sloth make any music or not!?

  • monkeyspinach

    and still better than dubstep

  • $18922249

    Maybe John Cage just really liked primates?

  • Guest

    That was pretty neat. It was funny that the baboon wanted to taste the music instead of hearing it. XD

  • Haha, aww ,half of them just freaked out, then the only one really playing with it mostly correctly decides to eat it. cute lil' experiment though!

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