Smoking With Yoda: Star Wars Character Glass Pipes

June 27, 2012


This is a gallery of glass pipes/bubblers/slide featuring Star Wars characters created by glass-blower Creep. Sure they're not the most photo-accurate portrayals of the characters, but I imagine working with glass isn't the easiest thing to do. Working with kids? Working with kids is a breeze. I SAID YOU BETTER DAMN FINISH STRINGING THOSE MACARONI NECKLACES OR YOU'RE ALL GONNA TAKE TURNS SITTING IN THE CLOSET. With the lights off. AND ALL THE MONSTERS RUNNING LOOSE. Haha -- they'll eat you alive, you little shits! But seriously children, I just went #2 in the little kid potty in the bathroom and now it's clogged.

Hit the jump for a whole bunch more (including a Darth Vader/Alien hybrid), but check out Creep's entire, massive gallery by clicking his name in the article.











Thanks to bb and killahertz, who only smoke out of apples because then you have a snack for after when you get the munchies!

  • Dont Trip

    I think Ima sit down with my yoda bong and take a big hit while I watch Star Wars. lol Go fuck off you uptight assholes. I'm in California. Prop 215 made it legal for the medicinal use of marijuana. To call it a drug shows you are still living in caveman times, or living in a backwards hick state. Harrison ford smokes herb on the set of Star Wars. Seriously GET OVER IT, every one else has.

  • Amazing designs.. Really it's so beautiful..I'll definitely buy one glass pipe in the following,and gifted to my lovely grand pa..

  • I just love it. After seeing this design i feel like gifting it to my dad who just love to collect different glass Pipes designs..

  • Darko Tadic

    very interesting glass bubblers. Where can the be purchased ?

  • Darth bong

  • James Horton

    thats just what star wars needs to be affiliated with. Drug addicts.

  • Kat Hatherlee

    I have two problems with your comment. Firstly the assumption that people who smoke pot are "drug addicts". Many, if not most, of marijuana users use the substance in the same way you would use alcohol-as a mild relaxant in the privacy of their own homes. Are there those who cannot function without this drug? Surely- in the same way there are those who cannot function without caffeine, alcohol or nicotine. In modern life, finding someone who is NOT a "drug addict" is damn near impossible.Secondly, the trilogy is not the property of some secret cabal of geeks who can hide it deep in their basements and horde it away from the mainstream- Star Wars IS the mainstream- it is a cultural touchstone for millions of fans, both those who simply enjoy the movies and those for whom it is an all consuming obsession. So if you think that the drug culture hasn't co-opted aspects of Star Wars than you are being willfully blind.

  • You do know what became of Carrie Fisher, right? ;)

  • James Horton

    ooooo a hollywood star becoming a drug addict, what an unusual story.

    Just because an actor in a film becomes a drug addict and missuses their earnings doesn't mean the movies they stared in should be associated with drugs....

    Also I can't actually believe anyone is stupid enough to think it should be

  • Chillax man. Here, have a puff :P

    It wasn't just Fisher after she filmed the movies. She's mentioned how she used to do coke with Hamill while they were shooting.

    Besides, everyone should know Star Wars is heavily influenced by Frank Herbert's Dune, and in Dune the consumption of the spice melange is central to the plot. I think Lucas should have been more honest if he had shown the Jedis consuming some type of psychotropic substance as part of their training, just like any decent shaman --at least he should have shown Luke doing a little shrooming before entering that cave in Dagobah.

    But its ok if you don't want the trilogy associated with recreational drugs, I don't either ;)

  • Is that an Alien egg next to Yoda?

    I guess that makes total sense if you're under the influence...

  • Joshua Brett Adams

    Am I blind or are the Darth/Alien mashup and Megaman ones not here?

  • Yoda is going to be in my nightmares tonight.

  • Mutant turd monster?

  • Sweeeeeeeeeeeet.

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