Nasty: Rare Shot Of Bee Losing Stinger After A Sting

June 15, 2012

[IMAGE REMOVED] Follow the links to see the photo. Or don't, I'm not your mom.

Ever wanted to see a picture of a bee trailing abdominal tissue after stinging a person's arm and losing its stinger? Me neither, yet here we are. Funny how the little twists and turns in life have brought us to this very moment, isn't it? Like that one country song goes, ♫ God blessed the broken road -- that led me straight to you ♫ I'm joking, he did not bless that road. It's been nothing but potholes, unsanitary gas station bathrooms, and serial killer hitchhikers. Fingers crossed it ends when I plummet off an unfinished bridge.

Thanks to Lauren, who doesn't purposefully let bees sting her because she's not a f***ing crazy person.

  • Brian Boitano

    Brave Warrior! I SALUTE YOU! The Mighty BEEEEEEEEE. None other have such bravery to sacrifice their lives in battle as you! *twirls away into the forest*

  • Durosity

    It's most certainly a bee, Zak.. the give away is the furry abdomen, wasps have smooth plate like exoskeletons.

  • Guest

    If bees were more like wasps, honey would be a really rare treat. XD

  • Ed

    Bees die after they sting because losing the stinger pulls out their guts. It's a suicide mission. Wasps do not die because their stinger does not come off, they can sting you as much as they want.

  • But that's a wasp...

  • But thats a wasp

  • It's a honey bee.

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