High Production Value: 'Terminal Velocity' Portal Short

June 12, 2012


This is a Portal themed short called 'High Velocity' in the style of a home video. It...was really well done. Granted not as well-done as my roommate's steak at the restaurant last night, but that thing was BLACK. When he tried cutting it and it just crumbled into coal dust. Then, when he tried sending it back the waiter told us we were too drunk to be there. You know what my buddy told him? "This is SIZZLER, bro -- sorry we forgot to bring our dinner jackets. You're sooooo classy. How the hell do you get pubes in the salad bar anyways?!" (I think at that point he was just being rude because they looked like regular hairs to me)

Hit the jump for the worthwhile video.

Thanks to Justin G, thetaxevader, Regular Josh and Stu, who only put holes in things with shotguns because shooting shotguns is fun and loud and makes you feel like a real man with a big ol' peen!

  • Anthoney

    Nice Post. Really
    it will help lot of people.Sports

  • JCB5150


  • Nathan Klassen

    Why can't we have this, physics? Why?

  • DarkRyNo

    Somebody needs a pair of long-fall boots to go with that portal gun, also a combustible lemon too!

  • Mighty Molecule

    ...hl3 or GTFO...

  • down_grunger

    wasn't it called terminal velocity GW?

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