Get Down From There!: Inverted Helicopter Ceiling Fan

June 7, 2012


This is a ceiling fan created by artist Raphaele Iaennello using a 1/6 scale Hughes MD 500 helicopter mounted upside down to the ceiling. Obviously, it's far cooler than my ceiling fan, which isn't a ceiling fan at all, but a box fan in my apartment window that I sometimes talk through so I sound like Darth Vader to the people walking by outside. That's always a good time. Never a good time? Taking your shirt off under a fan and sticking your fingers in the blades. One time I did it on high and lost my hand. Now I have a hook for a hand. "You do not have a hook for a hand." Well only because I misplaced it and have had to use this sink stopper. "That's a buttplug." I found it in the junk drawer!

Thanks to Joshua and bb, who both made ceiling fans out of ninja swords and now everybody's afraid to ever get drunk at either one of their places.

  • Mat Pridham

    I want one.

  • Guest


  • yes

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy


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