Work In Progress: Giant Full Frontal Star Wars Leg Tattoos

May 8, 2012


I have those same panties!

WOW, those...are really gonna be something when they're finished. Something I think are tie-dye shorts from really far away and then realize are giant Star Wars tattoos when I get up close. $10 says a Jedi takes her Galactic Empire leg off in a lightsaber duel. You can't play both sides girl, you gotta pick one! Back me up Lando -- you know what I'm talking about! Lando? "When I'm not busy running Cloud City, I enjoy the smooth, crisp taste of Colt 45. Colt 45: it works every time." F*** yes it does, toss me one of those!

Thanks to beebs and Terrance, who know good and well if I get drunk enough I WILL crawl out on that little antenna underneath Cloud City that Luke was hanging from and make them take pictures.

  • Pedantic Douchebag

    "I'm really attractive; how can I mitigate that. Ah, giant tattoos!" - some stupid people

  • That is a freaking awesome tattoo!!! More power to you to get something your passionate about tat'd on you. I have my geek tat and I'm still proud of it. If someone thinks it's stupid then they obviously don't understand and who would want to be friends with them anyway. Hope to see it again when it's fully colored.

  • vantasic

     "So this is how democracy dies with Thunderous applause"

  • unlike a lot of you nerds who've never actually seen a woman's upper thighs up close.... i think her legs are actually kinda scary lookin... even without the unfinished tats

  • ArmandTamzarian

    sounds like you're the one who's never acutally seen a woman's thighs up close and have unrealistic expectations of them based on what you've seen on tv and the internet

  • noybman

    +1 @ Lackenbacher
    The nerve... Calling *US* nerds, while they themselves are a poster (as well), on a site that touts itself *geek*a-liscious.  Strange???? I'm not gay... I'm married and all, and while I'm not a hater, you'll never find me on, reading, perusing, nor posting a single comment on a gay site.

    So trolling the remainder of the Geekologie populace aside, her thighs are a wee bit sore and swollen from massive tat work.  At least they aren't clumpy, scarred, varicose veined all over or otherwise malformed.  They also are not so disproportionate to say hey I'm 300_ Lbs, but even if they were, many a man loves that.

  • That's a dude hiding his junk "Buffalo-Bill" style, until I'm proven otherwise.

  • xjrokee

    This is a great way to get her Star Wars Fanatic boyfriend to spend time there... genius.

  • Adam

    that two meter hole,  about the size of a womp rat..

  • budfueledrocket

    i want to see the rest of this woman.... THEN i will make an opinion.

  • Dsembr

    It's always Dark Side or Light Side, Empire or Rebels... I'd rather just settle somewhere in the middle

  • noybman

     +1, but wheres the face?

  • David Shire

    GW when the heck do you think you are ever going to 'get up close' to these OOH FACE ~ you're not a doctor are you?

  • Giant Full Frontal Camel Toe

  • n_a_a_s

     uhh... if you've never seen a quilted vag up this close, then yeah - sure

  • osteenq

    I like "Star Wars", but gigantic "Star Wars" tattoos are just sad. It doesn't matter how well they're done. They just are.

  • Leo

    Cool tats, gross canvas.

  • I wonder if the rest of her looks as awesome as the fronts of her thighs. That is pretty damn sick and I totally approve :D

  • Guest

    Above the thighs is the dark side, only that the strongest warriors or even Jedi dare to travel.

  •  "What's in there?"

    "Only what you take with you"

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