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I Didn't Like That Arm Anyways: Gator Wrestling Fail


Seen here about to find out the hard way he's not an alligator wisperer, some idiot in North Carolina prepares to get his arm bitten by an alligator on the side of a road. "The most exciting thing to happen all year" the local headlines read.

Hit the jump for a news report including the arm-biting footage.

Thanks to Bean, who wrestles alligators the way nature intended: with a Mexican lucha libre mask on. EL CROCODIABLO!

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  • epickett

    Some people are just too stupid to live...

  • Who let loose that girlish scream?

  • Smart people don't get into wrestling animals for a living, but maybe they should.

    Guy *unpacks tranquilizers, tasers, pepper spray, a fricking lasso (hell even a big stick)*
    Old guy "hang on, pop that back in the trunk. I've got this."

  • lulz

    dawwwwww its so cute

  • That was disappointing. A little nip on his sleeve?

  • Davey Richards

    I have always said, human beings are fkn stupid creatures.
    Mr. Wanna-be Steve Irwin has proven that fact.

  • Just wanted you to know El Crocodiablo is now my favorite word.

  • SuperFRANK

    "a miracle the powerful limbs didn't kill him"


    the big chomping mouth filled with teeth but let's go with the limbs that way we can use the word limbs

  • VelvetRingpiece

    They survived whatever killed the dinosaurs, some d-bag who fancies one for a pet didn't stand a chance.

  • Lol we survived too and we were just mice or w/e.

  • beansdad

    Nice!!! after all he did  use a towel!

  • Pff I had worse from my hamster.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    Reminds me of my ex... but seriously.

    I'm surprised he still has a penis... I mean, arm.

  • That's why apes are so much scarier, they know about the penis.

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