Rex Velvet, Seattle Supervillain, Aims To Rid City Of Iffy Vigilante Superheroes (Read: Phoenix Jones)

May 3, 2012


This is a very high production value video introducing Red Rex Velvet, a mustachioed supervillain who wants to rid the city of Seattle of Phoenix Jones and the rest of the vigilante superheroes running around spraying people with mace or whatever the hell those basketcases do. The video is actually pretty good, dude's mustache sucks, but I would drink whatever drink that is that shoots sparks out of it the whole time. I bet that stuff gets you CRUNK. Because one time at a barbeque I drank a beer that somebody had put out their cigarette in, and let me tell you -- I got WOOZY. Then I swallowed the butt and puked on the grill.

Hit the jump for the how about all you superzeros just kill each other the same time and we call it a day?

Thanks to Jason Megatron B., sam and LOgic, who don't care who wins the fight just as long as they don't have to hear about them again.

  • his_uberness

    lol.. i used to work with this guy at best buy. he's fucking hilarious

  • .... I can't wait to move to Seattle.

  • Mike Barzman

    oh man, the voice over is so bad. 

  • Shaun9lives

    So Phoenix Jones' new arch nemesis is Michael Cera in a (really bad) fake mustache.  Seems legit.  

  • Fart_Barfunkle

    It looks like a low-budget Hollywood production, and sounds like it was recorded through two tin cans connected by string. 

  • austin allen

    That's an odd way of describing your genitals, sir.

  • That was fantastic.


     How did you even manage to fumble the spelling of "fucking terrible" so badly? Besides the "f" the keys are nowhere near each other.

  •'re a cretin.



    P'shaw. Cheeky.

  • This_Update_Sucks

    Oh my God I am so hyped right now!

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