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Mmmm, Air Steak: Butcher Shop's Meat Balloon Display


New York City butcher shop Japan Premium Beef recently had these meat balloons (created by design firm ODL) on display in their front window to...actually I don't know why. To make customers think you're a novelty balloon store? They don't look very appetizing, I can tell you that. Well, except for the long brown ones in the front -- give me two of those. Oooh -- and a *tehehe* RUMP roast. One time I was at the grocery story and asked the butcher for a steak cut from as close to the butthole as possible and then made chomping sounds with my teeth. He asked me to leave, true story.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a video.




Thanks to Joann, who heard meat balloon diets are like, so in right now.

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  • Guest

    This is really neat. I checked out their Flicker page; the sausage balloons that were blown look adorable in the store.

  • sorrykb

    I may never eat again.

  • TheMilkMan

    They didn't include the best meat of all...

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