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Lookin' Good, Grandpa!: An Imperial Walker Walker


In "things you'll wish were real when you're 85" news comes this Imperial Walker walker for old people who need a little support getting around. Me? I need a lot of support. So much I have to go to groups for the stuff. Man, I have got PROBLEMS. "No f***ing kidding you do." My therapist says it isn't about who's to blame, but this is clearly all your fault. I'll kill you! *stab stab stab*

Thanks to The Sass Queen, whose bad side you DO NOT want to get on unless you like that fresh 'you just got the shit sassed out of you' feeling.

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  • DarkRyNo

    Thats awesome, and yet your grandparents still walk faster than AT-ATs

  • Guest

    I don't really care if it was Photoshopped or not, this is pretty hilarious. 

  • Oh Jesus! We're not there yet.

    ...Are we?

  • Jadis

    Now that's what I'm talkin' about! Sign me up for one in 50 years. ^_^

  •  And then your grandkids will run all around you with a ball of string ;)

  • Jadis


  • I'm going to call shenanigans on this one as it is a (poorly executed) photoshop job.

  • Not only is it a bad photoshop, but it's wildly impractical.  If you're in bad enough shape to need a walker, you're probably going to struggle to use one with that much added bulk.

  • Jadis

    but you'd look AWESOME! (just put some wheels or something on it ^_-)

  • CHKillswitch

    Now you just need the Imperial March playing along to some old dude walking!

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