DC Comics: 'Established Character Coming Out Of Closet'

May 21, 2012


DC Comics announced during a panel discussion at this weekend's Kapow Comic Convention in London that an established character will openly embrace their gaiety and become "one of our most prominent gay characters." Now I haven't been keeping tabs on how many gay characters there are in the DC Universe, but I imagine it won't be too hard to be "one of the most prominent" when there's like three. Aaaaaaand now begins the wild speculation as to who the character will be which I'll end right here: ROBIN. You know it, I know it, Batman knows it. And so does Green Lantern. BOOM -- two outings in one day! *cue rainbow confetti and ticker-tape parade*

Thanks to ron h. and ChaosLex, who x-ray envision a world where nobody has to live in the closet. Oh man, I had to crash in a friend's closet for eight months one time after a bad breakup -- no bueno.

  • ragecat

    You do know robin is a 10 year old kid right? And also Batman's son.

  • It's going to be superman, just look at him , he's gayer than Elton John! ;)

  • ReallyDeadpool?

    I kind of like the idea of it being one who's been a hot shot with the ladies. Batman? Why not? He sleeps with all those women as a cover. Same with Green Lantern, who is my personal favorite to become gay.

  • John Whatmeworry

    Look at them! they're ALL gay. Men wearing gay ass costumes, booch women who can beat the crap out of men. None of them can maintain a relationship with the opposite sex....how about a hero in a business suit, a scotch in one hand and a cigaratte in another?

  • Mighty Molecule

    seriously, is this even up for speculation?
    blue devil. full. gay.

  • superman ,pleeeease be superman

  • Audwin Short

    DC comics, I swear by all that is unholy if you try to make Batman or Wonder Woman gay, I will become the World's first Super Villain and destroy you!!...

  • Soylent Green Is People

    It's going to be Green Lantern. Everything about that character is gay.

  • Holly StarLord Ringsell

    Booster Gold!

  • FragCakes

    Oh great, shit on my childhood for this retarded liberal agenda. Fuck you DC,

  • FragCakes

    downvoted by liberals of course, you people have no tolerance for views beside your own. It's still fucking horrible that they are destroy the lore of a hero for fucking politics.

  • Jim Perry

    I'm a little disappointed that people can't tolerate someone not wanting their favorite character to be gay.

  • Zack Barstow

    Something wrong with being gay? All charactrs have a story, why is being gay such a faux pas?
    Andrew is a dumbass who sees political drama in everything, that's why he was downvoted, not because he has issues with his childhood character being gay.

  • Zack Barstow

    No, you were downvoted because you're a tard. Politics has nothing to do with DC announcing a gay character (or characters). It's not like this hasn't happened before, Northstar, a Marvel character, 'came out' back in the early 90's.
    Quit slapping a political agenda on everything and use that gray slush that passes for your brain. The Avengers rocked the box office and DC wants to get some attention back on them. It's a simple as that.

  • I'd say Tim Drake. Even though he's had many girlfriends he never seems as emotionally attached to them as he is to his best friend, Superboy. And if you look over like ALL the intense and sincere moments he's had with Conner, you'd know what I'm talking about.

  • Darkless

    Midnighter and apollo have been openly gay and in a relationship for ages, this isn't new.

  • DasFXI

    Bizarro. It's the final way he's the exact opposite of Superman.

  • Joe Crocker

    I hope everyone is prepared.... ITS BATMAN!!! The rumors have always swirled around him and its time the truth came out. Why else can't the guy hold on to a woman??

  • Timothy McMillan

    Bruce Wayne has shagged more woman than almost any other comic character known. He can't hold onto women because to him, Batman is his true identity and Bruce Wayne is the mask.

  • Sgt. Puckerbutt

    Kyle Raynor was always a closet case. Don't tell me him and his gay assistant didn't just work on those long night "work" sessions.

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