Will It Pop?: Firecracker Ignited Inside Balloon With Laser

April 5, 2012


This is a video of Geekologie Reader Scott igniting a firecracker inside a balloon with a laser. Does the balloon pop? YOU'RE GONNA HAVE TO WATCH TO FIND OUT. Ooooooooor just keep reading. Nope!

Hit the jump for the I exploded a firecracker between my teeth one time true story.


Thanks Scott, now do an M-80 inside a douchebag!

  • Holy crap! I think you created the Higgs Boson the nano second after it exploded. I'll need to recheck my calculations.

  • paul cassada

    yea, it all seems cool, but wait until Dr. Hathaway gets his hands on it....

  • Cool - but can you attach it to a sharks head!!?

  • Scott A. Stevenson

    Thank you Geekologie! My video seemed right up your folks' alley! 


  • n_a_a_s

    Sorta Scott - you're using what looks like a dragonlasers or jetslasers blue laser that you call a 'custom modified flashlight' made into a laser.  Did I read that wrong?  Please correct me if I am.....  I build lasers from flashlights for a living, this doesn't look like anything like someone built from a flashlight, looks more like something from one of the many chinese laser distributer.  Usually wickedlasers takes the cake on posts like this but that's not a WL unit.  Not trying to knock you down man, but that doesn't look like a custom to me.  Just sayin ;)

  • Scott A. Stevenson

    It is a custom. It was made for me by an LPF member. It uses a diode harvested from a Casio XJ-140 projector driven with a FlexDrive V5 driver circuit all hosted in a stainless steel LED flashlight body. It doesn't look like other flashlight builds because it also has a custom focus ring. Not sure if trolling.

  • n_a_a_s

     I'm a builder on LPF, not trolling at all.  Of the many builds that are regular on the forum (Surefires, Crees, C6s, MXDL, ect) yours just doesn't look like a flashlight sold by one of the regs (Jayrob, DTR, Moh)  Sure there's a lot of other sellers but again yours just looks different & I had to comment when I saw the info on the video.  I stand corrected if that's a custom build.  What kind of host was that before you made it into a laser?  I can't say I've seen one like that before unless it's a gutted chinese build remade into a quality 445.

  • Guest

    Interesting experiment with lazers, balloons, and firecrackers. I would of added glitter just for some razzle dazzle.

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