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Twisted Dagger Designed Specifically For Killing People


This is the Jagdkommando Tri-Dagger Fixed Blade Knife, an "art" dagger designed specifically FOR KILLING ANOTHER PERSON. "I thought all daggers were designed for killing your enemies." You might have a point. A sharp one -- COMING RIGHT AT YOU! *stab stab* "That's a cocktail umbrella." I know, I was just proving that I could have stabbed you if I wanted, unfortunately you're not worth the prison time. Nobody's gettin' all up in my ass just because you're a jerk!

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What's the Point of a Dagger Clearly Designed for Killing? [gizmodo]

Thanks to Grange, who may or may not be a grape/orange hybrid.

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  • Joker



  • whacko

    Too bad it will look like an industrial strength dildo when it is sheathed...

  • I would've named it "THE STABBER!!!"

  • My boyfriend's only remark, "Why does it come in a dildo?"

  • Gnatfink

    Yeah, great--way to go civilization!

  • Daniel Ling

    The sheath makes for a great emergency condom.

  • This_Update_Sucks

    I thought blades with more than two edges were illegal?

  • Bertw192

    I believe you're correct. I know it's illegal to carry as part of the military
    under the Genneva Convention.

  • Arnkell Jónsson

    but the fact that you're holding it will fuck up the twisting and you won't stab as deep, unless ofcourse you twist it in deep after the stab.

  • Shaun9lives

    Furthermore, depending on your placement, it could be too wide. Usually daggers have a flat profile that can easily slide between ribs and puncture vital organs.  (For example, Soldiers and Marines are often taught to stab between the second and third rib when attacking from behind to puncture the lung.  This causes a quick bleed out, and coupled with a hand over the mouth, makes screaming difficult.)  This one looks like it would get stuck in the rib cage.

    Better stab 'em in the throat with this one.

  • p_shep

    Yeah, I'm thinking you'd probably just piss someone off royally if you stabbed someone with that.

  • Daniel Sanson

     I think you would likely still kill them, might not be as tactical, but a bunch of sharp steel with blood chanells anywhere, and you are gunna bleed out fast

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