Sweet Bow & Arrow, Bro: Crysis 3 Gets Gameplay Trailer

April 25, 2012


This is a gameplay teaser trailer for the Spring, 2013 release of Crysis 3. Not gonna like, the graphics look pretty intense. Like, SEIZURE intense. "You gonna play it, GW?" Ha, am I gonna play it. F*** NO -- my piece of shit computer crashed just trying to play the Youtube video in HD!

Hit the jump for the future of bows & arrows.

Thanks to Terry, who pops boners just thinking about the opportunity to update his graphics card. That...wow -- that makes me a lil sad on the inside.

  • AC

    waiting for next spring is going to be a lesson in patience.....

  • TomasHunter

    That looked awesome! I never had the chance to play the first Crysis game because of my PC. Could it run Crysis? No. Crysis 2 looked pretty good, so I rented it with my Blockbuster @Home service. That was a few months ago and I am still cracking away at multiplayer thanks to the fact that I don’t have any due dates or late fees. A Dish coworker and I played through the campaign and it was solid, but it is multiplayer that I am looking for. From the screens above it looks like EA did a lot of work to the solo mode, I expect the same level of improvement from multiplayer in 3.

  • This game looks sick. The previous two were sick. I'm going to be sick all over the dummies that think this is shit. You know it's going to look amazing, the game play will be amazing and the new additions will be amazing. Stop crying. 

  • karasuKumo

    Just looked like an epileptic's worst nightmare to me.

  •  Fuck why can't we just have galactic peace?

  • Seems like the only people that comment on things now are people that just want to troll. This game looks tight and I don't give a shit what you guys think.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    Yeah, but can it run Crysis 2?

  • Well that was...something. I now have motion sickness

  • Terry's not the only one.

  • mz001

    Crysis 2 took away most of the open range element &environmental tactics and turned the game into a rail shooter. guess in this one you'll only be able to use two buttons.

  •  They specifically stated that they were going back to it's open-worldy roots.

  • hum, usually gameplay trailers have people playing a short section of the game and not flashing shit (sorry for the bad word but they deserve it)  that makes you sick  every time you watch a "action" trailer for a movie... hate that! also, the game, i go with Kringle and say "Meh" too...

  •  Look at any other early gameplay trailer in the past two years, the most recent being Borderlands 2 and Halo 4

  • $18922249

    Let me be the first to say... meh.

  • Word

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