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Last Night A D2 Saved My Life: R2-D2 DJ Turntable


This is an R2-D2 inspired Technics 1200 turntable. It was a collaboration between Tex Nasty at Remix Turntable Lab and Full Blown Kustoms. Me? I like my kustoms only half blown. Honestly, of all the stupid change George Lucas made to the original movies I'm surprised he didn't change the sound effects R2 makes. "Don't give him any ideas, GW!" I dun goofed, didn't I? *cue George replacing R2's beeps with a Katy Perry song*

Hit the jump for a video of the turntable in action.

R2-D2 Turntable for DJing Like an Astromech Droid [obviouswinner]

Thanks to killahertz, who listens to dubstep at 7AM and has at least two neighbors that want him dead. Two neighbors and a blogger.

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  • Looks good to me. I want one of those laser turntables next...bu I'd settle with this astromech variety. Throw in a set of golden headphones?

  • Daniel Lindsey

    Neat idea; Poor execution.


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