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Boy Who Sold Kidney For iPhone And iPad Suffering Renal Failure, Five Charged In Illegal Organ Trade


A 17-year old who sold a kidney on the black market last year to afford an iPad and iPhone is now suffering from renal failure as his remaining kidney is unable to adequately filter toxins from his blood. There is no app for that.

Xinhua news agency reported that the five include Song Zhongyu, a surgeon from a provincial hospital in Yunnan province, Su Kaizong, who works in a hospital urology department and ringleader He Wei, who organised the operation to pay off his gambling debts.

In total, the project generated 220,000 yuan (£21,971) of which Wang was given 22,000 yuan (£2,197) and the rest split between the five who have been charged with intentional injury.

Last June, for example, teenage fondleslab fan Xiao Zheng sold a kidney to pay for an iPad 2.

Sure he might be lacking kidney functionality, but you know what he's not lacking? Apps. NO REGRE-- holy shit I'm pissing blood. But seriously, what did we all learn from this? "If you're going to sell an organ to make a quick buck, make sure it isn't yours." And? "Never leave a paper trail." You! You're getting a gold star sticker.

Five charged after fanboi sells kidney for iPad and iPhone [theregister]

Thanks to Lord Tarl, brian and Wesso, who don't sell organs but can get you a hell of a deal on a piano.

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  • My name is Alex, I am from Ukraine, I am 33 years old man. I don't smoke cigarettes and don't drink alcohol. My blood is O+ and I have a good health. If you need kidney or liver transplant, I am ready to give one of my kidneys or part of my liver, but I want to receive a big compensation for that.

  • I like that show up style.

  • We all make mistakes when we're young. But a mistake that can cause our life??!!
    I seriously hope Apple will do something for this poor boy. 

  • hahahah "There is no app for that." lol dude you should be writing for TV

  • Lyndis

    Kid traded his organs for apple products? Natural selection at its finest.

  • RDarker

    You have seen the videos. Woman gets stabbed in street broad daylight people just walk by(while he's stabbing her), man falls out of wheel chair in street and people just drive by, baby is left in the gutter and no one does ANYTHING, one baby rule, 30,000 missing and the list goes on. China has either lost its humanity or it was sapped by Communism along time ago. I mean does the government STOP people from caring? Are they robots? i know our government is jealous that China has such a control over its people that they blindly go about "life" and satisfy their desires in expense of freedom.

  • Hanadulset

    he's 17, man. that's so fucked up.

  • Sergio Ricardo Santos

    "Sure he might be suffering from kidney failure, but you know what he's not suffering from? A lack of gaming apps to play in the hospital. No regre-- holy shit I'm pissing blood."

    Not funny at all..someone may die and thats is the only comment you have?

  • RareAwesomeman

    He chose to sell an organ, for a phone...he was asking for it. So yes, I will laugh

  • $18922249

    You say 'may', like the probability is somehow less than one. Apple won't let this kid die. It is bad for business. 

  • Gary_Arizona

    the kid sold a kidney to buy Apple junk, he didnt get hit by a drunk driver

  • noybman

    Firsties, too bad not lasties

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