A Mario, Donkey Kong, And Pac-Man Themed Bathroom

April 30, 2012


Because beach themed bathrooms with the little seashell-shaped soaps that you're apparently not supposed to use are so last year, here's a Mario, Donkey Kong and Pac-Man themed one. I would use it, but only if there weren't any pubes on the toilet seat. Because one time I was at a friend's house for an Ocarina of Time marathon and I went to use the bathroom and IT. WAS. DISGUSTING. Plus there was no TP. After taking care of my business I knew we couldn't be friends anymore. Get it? I wiped with his towel.

Hit the jump for shots from all angles.






Thanks to Cro-mag, not to be confused with Pro-mag, who actually gets paid to mag.

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  • Jamie Burress-Kovacs

    I'm the person who made the fused glass mirror for this room. Every piece is hand cut and ground, then fired in a kiln. It was super fun to make this!

  • I'd NOM that!

  • at least they have a plumber nearby

  • Sorry, but I can't stand that they didn't make a plastic cover for the toilet of a downtube...would have completed it.

  • That would be awesome to have a toilet that made little "Coin Block" sounds every time a turd fell.

  • Tori Michel

    I think that the mirror is the best part, and the toilet seat painting is pretty rad too. The rest are those giant wall decals. Still, way to think outside the 8-bit box for decor. :)

  • Guest

    It's not complete without some Tetris. ;D

  • rikster81

    i would live out of that bathroom!

  • Someone want to do this for me

  • can i have someone put this in

  • That's what she said.

  • The toilet seat should just have a green rim.  

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