What? I FELL ASLEEP!: Pizza Cooked For 13 Hours

March 21, 2012


In much, MUCH sadder food news, here's what a pizza cooked for 13 hours looks like. I assume it was cooked at low heat because I have definitely forgotten about pizzas in the oven before and eventually they DO catch fire. That's how you know they're done! *burns roof of mouth* Hot -- HOT! "It's still on fire, dipshit." I thought those were cheese vapors.

Pizza Cooked For 13 Hours [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Babushka, who makes the best pizza ever. I'm talking so good you don't even mind getting some in your hair when you're eating it.

  • Guest

    It looks more like cooled lava from one of Hawaii's volcano or a space cookie.

  • umm no fire alarm?

  • Special Edition  Han Solo Frozen in Carbonate Pizza.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    black pizza>>>white pizza

    Did I type "pizza"?... I meant "site"...

    mmm! CARBON-Y!!

  • That actually only takes 3 hours to cause. I fell asleep once waiting for a pizza to cook. Whole house smelt like burnt pizza.

  • Someone got a little too high.

  • AlaskaNick

    Fact: All food tastes the same when you cook it to this point except jello.

  • It became a new rare element in the periodic table

  • rikster81

    burn pizza......or alien organism from space??? DUM DUM DUUUMMM!!!

  • Jason Rogers

    that is totally a Totino's pizza. Did the exact same thing before. 

  • TonyGunk

    oh the humanity! 

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