Weather Wizard: Artist Creates Little Clouds Indoors

March 16, 2012


Artist Berndnaut Smilde can create little clouds indoors without the use of a magic weather-controlling device. Unless a thermostat, humidifier, and fog machine count, in which case he does. *cranking thermostat* It's gonna be a scorcher today! Impressive Berndnaut, but I've been making indoor clouds for years now. "Prove it." *wafting* Give it a second -- you'll smell it.

Hit the jump for several more clouds on brief display (they don't last long!) at a gallery.





Artist's Website
Berndnaut Smilde [itsthatnice]

Thanks to Audrey, who claims she can make little indoor suns. Audrey? Those are light bulbs.

  • Guest

    Now to add some cocoa powder & milk in the cloud and have myself some chocolate rain. :d

  • Jay

    Seen it. That's Nami's moves from One Piece. THUNDER BOLT TEMPOOOO!!!

  • Emmitt Morgans

    GENIUS!  Emo kids would probably pay hundreds (or at least whatever they have in their grubby black pockets) to buy a personal cloud to keep over their heads... where's this artist's marketing department!?

    It's too bad this can only be indoors because it seems the "Emo" types are constantly out and about displaying to everyone how miserable they are.

  • RDarker

    Somebody got a hold of Destro's Weather Dominator™. 

  • That is beautiful.

  • raditzzzz

    this phenomenon occurs naturally at snoop doggs house.

  • n_a_a_s

    this just needs a little zeus floating on top, throwing lightning bolts at a makeshift peasant town full of sinners down below - otherwise it's just a roomfart

  • This_Update_Sucks

    Make a tiny thunderstorm and I'll be really impressed. It's still cool though.

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