The Subwing: Get Dragged Underwater Behind A Boat

March 14, 2012


Ever wanted to be pulled underwater behind a slow-moving boat? I know, it's pretty low on my bucket list too. There, but low. Enter the Subwing, the latest in extreme watersports technology that allows you to do barrel rolls and...that's pretty much it, all while holding your breath and being dragged behind a boat. Who knows, maybe you'll get wedged in a coral reef and make some new friends...IN THE AFTERLIFE. Mwahahahahahaha! But seriously, my buddy Tyson and I invented this like 20 years ago. We were both riding in the same innertube, and we decided on the count of three we'd both roll off separate sides, get dragged in the water for a bit, then climb back on the tube. Well, our swim trunks shot right off and by the time we realized it they were like 200 yards away. Little fish tried to swim in my pee-hole.

Hit the jump for a product demo.

Subwing lets you fly underwater, makes scuba diving look boring [dvice]

Thanks to Alex, who doesn't want to be dragged underwater by anything but a mermaid with titties the size of Ursula's.

  • Kjetil Sivertsen

    To do subwinging is a grate sport..

  • Guest

    This is pretty nifty...looks fun and challenging. However I would prefer to do this in deeper water -- and have a vacation bruise free. :D

  • Dimitrios Kalompratsos

    All we need now is seal blood and the fishing begins >:)

  • Guest

     Haha, live bait.

  • You look like a giant piece of bait on a lure for a great white dumb idea, no one thought of that.

  • stop calling them taytays! no one says that

  • DarkRyNo

    I can see where this is going.... underwater obstical course!

  • I wanna see em do it in murky water. 

  • GodsAdvised

    That might be the dumbest thing I've ever seen. It'll only take 1 wrongful death lawsuit before this gem of a device is off the market.

  • zakany

    I do that every time I try to ski.

  • Vladeon

    So, this seems like a pretty good way to get water in your nasal cavities... I guess if that's your idea of fun, go for it.

  • p_shep

    That doesn't look particularly fun.

  • RandomMistakes

    "WTF!" moment at 0:21

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