That's What You Get!: Woman Cuts In Line At Gas Station, Knocks Over Pump, Sets Car Ablaze

March 21, 2012


According to eyewitnesses, this is a video of a Hummer waiting in line at a gas station when a woman in a Grand Cherokee, fed up with the line, decides to take her road rage off the road and into a service station to cut in line and take the next pump. Aaaaaaaand that's when she crashes head-on into the thing, knocks it over, and sets her car on fire. Smooth, lady. See? This is EXACTLY why-- "Women shouldn't be allowed to drive?" What? Nooooooooooo. I was gonna say this is why...*think quick, GW, think!*...I only use full-service pumps. *phew, good save*

Hit the jump for a couple videos, the first of which from a local news channel that sucks and probably makes you watch an ad before it, and another from a different angle.

Driver Causes Gas Pump Explosion In Miami Beach [cbs]
Inconsiderate Gas Station Line-Cutting Woman Causes Huge Explosion [gizmodo]

Thanks to ben, who once drove away from the pump with the nozzle still in his gas tank and it tore off and he got embarrassed. AHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA!! A friend's mom did that when we were in the car in high school and I laughed so hard I was never allowed to spend the night after that.

  • That was obviously planned.

  • Blacula79

    sigh.... Women.

  • Yeah tourists do drive people crazy, but at least now with "Stand Your Ground" you can just shoot them and say you were scared. 

  • Guest

    There is a lesson here folks, that is to never take a sharp turn with a van. Especially at a gas station.

  • FYI that is not a Jeep Grand Cherokee, but a Jeep Compass. The front fender flares and the relatively  small size compared to the H2  give it away

  • Spartikiss

    If you watch the second video, you can see where the stupid bitch left her friend and is like.... "oh, shit...."
    And WTF was her friend thinking  just sitting in the front seat? "No, its ok... I'll wait here..."

  • Gloomfrost

    2 things:
    1. Lol at the guy in the civic who technically stole gas :P
    2. She probably meant to press brake but pressed gas instead.. I wouldn't be surprised, in bigger cars (some anyway (not sure about the Grand C)), you have to fully lift your foot off one to press the other (you can't just pivot it like in normal cars).


  • Need more angles... did they run into the store, or try to flee the scene, the latter of which would be so very not bright since your car with its plates are still there, and they'll be able to find out who it belongs to... but with some of the stupid shit I see on the web and in real life, I wouldn't put it past them to run away thinking 'if we get outta here quick, they'll never know it was us'

  • I hope her insurance DOESN'T cover that! What a dumb bitch. If you didn't tell me this happened in Florida I could have easily guessed. There must be something in the water there. 

  • Even in Florida we know there's a big distinction between Miami and the rest of the state. Miami is it's own little nation. Also, there IS something in the water... tourists. Too many of them. lol.

  • Fed up with the line? There were several other empty pumps. lol

  • nvm. watched the wrong video. :D

  • I love watching the white pickup pull in just as the pump falls over, and is suddenly like..."nevermind"

  • Eric Stodolnik

    holy shit.

  • Ken L

    The Hummer took their sweet time to move forward after the other car left.. I didn't see where she "cut him off" She saw an open pump and took it. 
    Also I would not be waiting in line if there were 2 open pumps on the other side. Just sheer laziness on the Hummers part. Hanging out at a gas station is not on my list of things I want to  do.This is Miami (ok I'll be fair... south FL in general)... and everyone drives like a total tool anyway, so nothing new here.

  • DoubleFish

    Nah, the driver of that Hummer was doing the right thing and letting pedestrians pass first!!  There were at least two of them in video.  He was polite AND safe. 

    The ladies in the Jeep?  Not so much.

  • Agreed....the hummer sat there forever.......this lady didnt cut.....she pulled into the empty pump....plain and simple.    IF the hummer WAS waiting for the pump....then he moved to lose.

    And in her case, you cruise, you lose, lol.

  • Wasn't really cutting the line, but seriously how do you do that? 

  • Sebastian Rabern

    It looks like she didn't even put on her brakes until she hit the pump.

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